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6 thoughts on “2015 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Dies After Vicious Pit Bull Attack in Shaker Heights, Ohio

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  1. Add "getting out of your car during a visit to the relatives" to the list of pit bull attack triggers.

  2. I was so depressed by this that I couldn't even comment when I first read it, just couldn't even think of what to say.

    Is it enough to say, I'm sorry that our authorities are so corrupt that they are letting dog fighting now take on human victims in our streets?

    This lovely lady gave so much to the world, and this country really let her down, and for what? So some pit bull breeders can make a buck?

  3. Family should sue the city for irresponsible revoking of ban and also the owners of the pitbull.

  4. I read the link to the Angela Kaplan story and I doubt the boyfriend held her down and ordered the dog to attack her. It sounds like they weren't familiar with the type of attack style of a pit bull. Reading the description (blood everywhere, over 100 bites, defensive wounds) it all sounds pretty par for the course for a pit bull attack

  5. These ridiculously light sentences are another reason these attacks continue. If a drunk driver kills someone, it's not a slap on the wrist anymore. Owning a type of dog that routinely kills people and failing to control that dog is an equal level of gross negligence and should be treated just as sternly.

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