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7 thoughts on “2016 Dog Bite Fatality: Elderly Woman In ICU Dies After Violent Dog Attack In Thurston County

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  1. I was afraid she would not survive this. Such a sad, unnecessary ending to this woman's life.

  2. No charges. Again.

    It's such an easy way to get away with killing someone.

    Can we at least get AC to charge the owners with lack of licensing and non-vaccination? Not a one of those dogs has a collar, so I'm betting they've never been to a vet.

  3. I can't believe the owner of the dogs wants them in the house with her. Insane. She says in one of the news stories that the dogs are "protective". If protective means they will kill someone who enters the home (even thought they know the person) then maybe you should lock your door? What a disgusting shame. The dog owner has no conscience.

  4. No one should die this way.
    If someone had been murdered with a gun wouldn't the police confiscate the weapon until the investigation was over?

    If so why aren't the dogs the taken by animal control. Home quarantine makes no sense. Clearly these "protective" dogs do not know the difference between someone they know and a threat. That right there should be cause for them to be immediately euthanized.

  5. What is this game that animal control was playing?

    These dogs were in her house, they were her dogs

    They didn't belong to any daughter or anyone else.

    The home owner took them in and thus they are her responsibility.

    I hope the victim's family has an attorney and is suing

    The owner of the property encouraged a woman with dementia to regularly come to her property and come into her house and did not secure the house. This was criminal negligence.

    It is also interesting to see that yet again there are breeders involved. These dogs were being bred.

    Shelters overflowing, stray dogs at all time highs, dogs given away free to the taker everywhere, and all pit bull advocacy has accomplished is propping up more breeders

  6. Thanks for posting that link to the 'labrabull' page. I'm sure most of these people tell their landlords and neighbors they have a Labrador. I'm sure that when emergency responders arrive after their pit bull mixes attack someone, they tell them it's a Labrador. This labrabull page certainly clarifies what's wrong with 'Labradors' that in fact behave like mauling bulldog types.

    Contrary to the selective quoting that goes around, Scott & Fuller did not say mixes will always behave like the breed they most resemble. They in fact said that it's impossible to tell by looking which behavioral traits a mix has inherited from the respective parents / grandparents. The impulsive aggression trait has been shown to be strongly heritable — mixes will be more likely to carry it than not, no matter what they look like.

    With this mixing, the pit bull crowd is making their "any dog will try to kill you if you make a tiny mistake" into a self-fulfilling prophecy. At present, the best way to avoid being mauled or killed by a pit bull type or mix is to avoid contact with it. We do this mostly by looking at a dog, and if we see signs of gripping bulldog in it, keeping sufficient distance. Once any and all dogs — regardless of appearance — present the risk of pit bull in their ancestry, it will be too dangerous to allow any dog near us.

    The present tolerance of deaths by dog attack won't last forever, in particular given the rate of escalation we're seeing. No matter what platitudes the authorities mouth, they know these deaths are still fairly predictable, confined to a handful of dog types. Once the pit bull crowd makes it into a truth that 'any dog' is as dangerous as visibly identifiable pit bull types and mixes, it will be over for the domestic dog.

    We are watching the end of the domestic dog as an animal we will or even can tolerate living close among us. I find this very sad.

  7. When your dog/dogs KILL someone there is most definitely a certain level of negligence involved. I see this as no different from driving drunk and mowing someone over. There was a time when drunk drivers got a slap on the wrist but no more; I believe murder by pibbles should be treated the same way in court.

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