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14 thoughts on “2017 Dog Bite Fatality: 75-Year Old Queens Woman Dies After Attack by Pet Mastiff-Mix

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  1. More info has been coming out about this, the mastiff had already attacked a smaller dog recently, the neighbors were terrified of it, sounds like this was going to happen sooner or later, I'm just glad it wasn't a child or neighbor.

  2. Very sad. As is so often the case, the comments on the articles saying how it wasn't the dog's fault, speculating about his treatment, and hoping for him to not be euthanized and be rehabilitated are shocking and frustrating.

  3. Honestly, even if this woman bought the dog 6 years ago, that means she would have been 69 years old; far too old to own a bully breed imo. (No one should own them of course, but especially not the elderly.) And this is other reason why I hate shelters. What idiots would allow a woman of that age to buy such a powerful, dangerous, animal? Just give her a little Maltese or something, not a giant dog with killer instincts.

    • If she was a dig hoarder, as the neighbors appear to think, she shouldn't have been given any new dogs.
      The neighbors "always heard barking."
      What about quality of life for all other neighborhood inhabitants?
      No one has a photo, yet, of the dog?

  4. It is time to start suing animal shelters, humane groups, and rescuers. They need to be held responsible for the carnage they're causing.

  5. Another part of this tragedy, the 39 year old special needs son has lost his caretaker. I've read seven or eight articles on this. Each one has it's own spin and little tidbits of information. The New York Daily News said that the son is now in a psych hospital, the dog is a Great Dane/Mastiff mix, and this little gem:

    " Often referred to as “gentle giants,” mastiffs originally were bred as war and guard dogs."

    A Mastiff just killed a woman, they were bred to fight, but they are gentle giants.

    Other news articles are saying that the son is autistic. He has a brother who, in one article, is credited with saying that his mother died of a heart attack, and, in another, that she had cancer, was stable in the hospital and her heart stopped.

    • Great Danes are often called gentle giants, I've not actually heard mastiffs referred to as such. I suppose once a term like that is applied to one large breed it starts to bleed over into others (like the "nanny dog" term that originally came from UK Staffordshires and then was applied to APBTs).

  6. I still can't get over the fact they let a elderly woman adopt a dog that was, without a doubt,way too much for her to handle. Stupid.

  7. That dog could have easily bumped her, knocked her down, and broken bones simply because of his size. But he was huge AND aggressive. Good grief. I agree that the adoption center should be held liable for some kind of negligence. That's just insane.

  8. Another horrible tragedy… This poor woman did have the sense to recognize the dog's aggression and want to return him instead of thinking she could rehabilitate him on her own. If only she had done it sooner. And in cases where aggressive dogs are returned to shelters, I wonder why the owners didn't just take the dogs to the vet to be euthanized. Do they hope the shelter will rehab the dogs? Do people really think every dog can be saved?

    And here again, we see that the assertion so many make about human aggression not being linked to animal aggression is wrong. Again and again after a dog kills a human we learn that the dog had previously killed an animal. People used to have sense enough to think that maybe a dog that killed an animal (and I'm not talking a terrier killing a rat but more along the lines of a dog killing another dog or something larger) could be a danger to people as well.

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