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5 thoughts on “Cities in Province of Quebec Move to Adopt Breed-Specific Bylaws After Pit Bull Horrifically Kills Woman

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  1. The FACT is no one needs a pit bull unless they are a dog fighter. No one will DIE without a pit bull. Someone already died because someone chose a pit bull, and more will die because someone else chose a pit bull. Ban the breed, end its deed. There is no need for pit bulls.

  2. It's amazing to see how fast several Quebec cities are not going to tolerate pit bulls in their cities after only a couple of severe attacks. But here in the U.S. our humane orgs such as, Best Friends Animal Society, The Humane Society of the United States, ASPCA and legislators are turning our neighborhoods into killing fields for pit bulls.

  3. I lived in Bavaria in Germany for over 3 years (my husband was stationed there) where they do not allow certain breeds of dogs, including Pit Bulls/Pit mixes and Rottweilers. It was nice to know that those dogs were not around. The military families would try to get around the breed ban by calling their dogs "lab mixes" or some other garbage. You have to go through a big lot of paperwork and USDA vet approval before your dog can fly overseas. If your dog was cleared on this side, but suspected to be a banned breed in Bavaria, your dog was immediately seized at the airport. I don't know if they were euthanized or returned to the U.S., but Germany doesn't mess around with BSL. I liked that part of Germany. It was PBFZ. Pit Bull Free Zone.
    Once we got to Colorado,it was a whole other story. There were PB's EVERYWHERE in our neighborhood.(Off Post) I HATED it. Once, we were on our porch with our 4 year old, and this guy was walking his unleashed, intact, male PB and the stupid dog ran right up onto the porch with us. I put myself between the dog and my daughter. His response was "oh, he's really friendly." Pfffffft! Yeah right! The worse part was that he had two very young beautiful little daughters with him. There were 2 PB's in the house directly behind us with a young boy and an infant.
    There were two huge, poorly trained PB's in a house across the street. I never went outside in that neighborhood unarmed. Sad, but true. I don't know what it is with military families, but they seem to have a higher ownership rate of bully breeds. Luckily, more military installations are enacting BSL to try to stop dangerous breeds from being housed on post.

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