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5 thoughts on “2015 Dog Bite Fatality: Family Pit Bull-Mix Kills Child in Oneida County, New York

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  1. Who wants this ticking time bomb for a dog? A parent can't even turn thier back for a moment or these dogs could rip their babies apart! I feel so sad for this mom and family!
    We need a reality show that actually educates people on the true nature of these beasts. Because all we have is Pitbulls and Parolees, and Pit Boss and Dog Whisperer where dangerous dogs are sweet and labs and poodles are the biters. Makes it hard to educate people when the TV is always on running its big bully-lover mouth. And for some people, you just can't fix stupid! What a hot mess!
    Colleen, you and all the others who put this information out there… You are heroes! You are saving lives everyday!!! Thank you! Love from me and my family. The Jensens and the Simmons'

  2. I was angered Saturday when I read a pro pit bull article regarding a New York pit bull police dog.

    All they could do was praise pit bulls and completely minimized the death of Amiyah Dunston and did not even mention her name.

    "Despite frightening stories from around the country — a 9-year-old girl was fatally attacked by a pit bull this month on Long Island — advocates say the breed's reputation for violence is undeserved"

    Here we are a short time later and another death by pit bull in New York.

    How can anyone with half a brain say their reputation for violence is "undeserved".

    Link to AOL article.

  3. Yes and Tia Torres is a hypocrite because she advocates rescue and yet gas no qualms accepting $$ from known pitbull breeders.Yes how idiotic it is to keep cranking pitbulls out like there's no tomorrow,filling up the shelters.If advocates truly cared they push for mandatory spay & neutering.These dogs are not family appropriate.Never were meant to be.

  4. I couldn't believe it when I saw this upon coming to the website earlier. Amiyah, was killed by a pit literally a week ago today, and then a man was was just killed by a Rot 3 days ago. When will people realize that there is a problem going on? Oh yeah, probably never because every piece of media in existence promotes pits like there's no tomorrow. Victims and safety for the innocent be damned as long as the nutters' precious land sharks are alive.

    "Cittadino said she struggled to pull the family pet off the baby."

    There's something extremely wrong with this sentence. A FAMILY PET should NOT be attacking a child; especially to the point that the adult owners are struggling to get it off. This is NO pet. This is a monster that never should have been allowed be a part of society.

    Lastly, it seems the nutters are, of course, blaming the baby saying "he was by the food so he deserved to get attacked". I know not all of the details are out yet so we don't even know if there really was a food bowl or not. But in the offset chance that there was, these nutters are not only are they showing once again how psychopathic they are, they're saying it's okay for a this creature (I refuse to call it a dog) to show aggression just because the baby was by it's food dish. If any dog ever so much as growled at my future kids because they were "by it's dish", you can be that that dog would be out of my house immediately.

  5. I don't know is wrong with people who would take the chance with their own children in order to own one of these animals. They were never bred to be pets. Why would anyone take the chance, especially with children in the house? These animals are supposed to be outlawed on Ontario Canada, but I see at least one every day in downtown Toronto, unneutered and unmuzzled.

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