Who Can Identify a Pit Bull? A Dog Owner of 'Ordinary Intelligence' Say the High Courts

Pit Bulls Are Identifiable Meme Campaign DogsBite.org - For 25 years appellate courts have ruled that a dog owner of ordinary intelligence can identify a pit bull (See: Ohio v. Anderson, 1991). In addition to this, the high courts have ruled that scientific precision is not required when determining the breed (See: Colorado Dog Fanciers v. Denver, 1991). Yet still the myth persists ad nauseam -- pushed by the Pit Bull Propaganda Machine, pit bull advocates, animal groups an… [Read full blog post]

2015 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bull Kills Woman, Injures Another in Davie County, North Carolina

The three recent fatal pit bull attacks mapped - breeders of fighting dogs territory. Survivor is Pit Bull Owner UPDATE 08/25/15: New information has been released about the fatal pit bull attack in North Carolina. On Monday, Cathy Wheatcraft, 48, was fatally attacked by her neighbor's pit bull. She had just gotten her mail and was walking back to her home when the dog attacked, according to Davie County deputies. The dog "drug her down the yard and fatally bit her," Sheriff An… [Read full blog post]

2015 Dog Bite Fatality: Pet Pit Bull Kills 25-Year Old in Spartanburg County, South Carolina

Nicole Cartee with her pit bull named "Spike" (Uploaded to Facebook 2/12/2012) No Criminal Charges UPDATE 08/25/15: Lab results for the pit bull that violently attacked its owners, killing one, came back negative for rabies. The male unaltered pit bull named "Spike" had been with the family for over a decade when it "snapped" Saturday killing Nicole Cartee, 25-years old, and seriously injuring her mother. Jamie Nelson, the director of Spartanburg County Environmental E… [Read full blog post]