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One thought on “Historic Pit Bull Attack Survivor, Angela Hands, Seeks Out Fabulous Five to Honor Them and Say 'Thank You'

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  1. Comment sent into via email – June 17, 2015
    Your story on Angela was amazing.

    I remember driving to work that morning when the story of her attack came across my radio… I was heartbroken for the poor little 9 year old girl, miles away from here, that I never met … until one day 17 years later.

    I remember her telling me her story and I was like, "oh my gosh, I remember this story! It broke my heart ." As our friendship grew, I learned of the 30 hour surgery to save her young life, heard her praise for the skilled team of doctors and nurses that were her saving grace. I even viewed slides of the horrific attack on her tiny body and tears filled my eyes. I remember hugging her and telling her, "you are a miracle girl". Her mother, Donna, refused to give up and was amazingly strong through the entire ordeal. She told me that there was a possibility that they might need to amputate her leg and arm because the damage was so extreme but Donna refused because she knew Angela wouldn't be happy with that. The love between this mother and daughter is untouchable … their bond is unbreakable.

    I could not believe her uncle chose to hide and protect his dog that nearly killed his young niece rather than destroying it immediately, without question, and beg for the families forgiveness … but that is exactly what he did.

    For many years after her attack, Angela was self conscious of her imperfect scared body, yet, she worked through it with the love and encouragement from family and friends. She began to understand that her body isn't who she is, it's her spirit and her strength that makes her amazing and today she is a strong wonderful person and everyone who knows her should consider themselves blessed.

    Angela, odds were against you surviving such a brutal attack and yet, here you are to talk about it. You refused to give up and though what happened to you was unimaginable, You have overcome the odds … you are a survivor.

    You are amazing and we all could learn something about ourselves from your story. I hope you find your #5 angel and can tell her "thank you"

    Love ya "miracle girl"

    Cindy Landry

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