2013 U.S. Dog Bite Fatality Statistics - DogsBite.org

Fatal Dog Attack Statistics DogsBite.org recorded 32 fatal dog attacks in 2013. Citations of each victim's history are located on the Fatality Citations page. The last year the CDC recorded human deaths by dog breeds was 1998. Likely due to pressures from animal advocacy groups, the CDC discontinued research in this area. Since 1998, pit bulls alone have killed 236 U.S. citizens. The only other known nonprofit organization, in addition to DogsBite.org, that tracks this v… [Read full blog post]

2014 Dog Bite Fatality: 4-Year Old Girl Killed by Family Pit Bulls in Bloomington

Mother Recounts Attack UPDATE 04/29/14: On April 29, 2014, Roxanne Miller Hartrich, Kara's mother, provided a written account of the vicious attack that killed her daughter to DaxtonsFriends.com. She describes how that day, Kara's 4th birthday, had beautifully begun. When she walked out the door that morning, headed for work, it would be the last time she ever saw her daughter alive again. As she hurried home from work and pulled into her subdivision, she noticed a "red glo… [Read full blog post]

2014 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Dies After Pit Bull Attack in Southeast Houston

Christina Bell and flowers left where she was killed by two pit bulls. Dog Owners Charged UPDATE 07/01/14: In an unexpected development, Harris County prosecutors are charging both dog owners in connection to the death of Christina Bell, who was viciously killed by at least two pit bulls in early January. Timothy Dewayne Coleman, 33, and Tiara Deshawn Thomas, 26, who owned at least one of the attacking pit bulls, are being charged under the state felony dog attack law. Click2… [Read full blog post]