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5 thoughts on “Letter: Ipswich Citizen Creates Call to Action and Demand for Accountability

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  1. The public gets it. How long until legislators do the same? How many deaths will it take? From January 1, 2013 to March 1, 2013 there have been five dog mauling deaths in the United States. All five were due to pit bull attacks. Three of the dead were children, two were senior citizens. How many will have to die until lawmakers turn their backs on the well funded pit bull special interest lobby?

    Ian Pepper's call for action should be heeded.

  2. Get the bastards out of office. Use failure to protect, misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance of office. There are more people who want to be safe than there are pit owners. Use the press with experts, medical, victims,humane, etcetera .

  3. Mr. Pepper is doing what the victimized public needs to do- document and put all officials on notice for their failure to protect the public and even collusion with dangerous business interests.

    As for how Ipswich and Massachusetts came to this problem, do a search on this dogsbite site for Holly Stump and Amy Marder.

    There are several pit bull breeders in the Ipswich area, but Holly Stump is a pit bull breeder that is also a business lobbyist for enabling violent attacks through devious legislation.

    Stump has detailed in the past her personal visits to animal control officers in the state to indoctrinate, propagandize, and pressure animal control to protect breeder financial interests. Some animal control officers are doing this, and the citizens have no idea they are caving to business interests.

    She is a board member of NAIA (look up Patti Strand on sourcewatch for what details on what that business lobby does) and an AKC breeder (Naia is run primarily by AKC board members and breeders)

    It primarily opposes regulation for puppy mills, because AKC's income source is puppy mill registrations.

    Massachusetts State Representative Brad Hill of Ipswich has been in business with Stump, doing things like pushing artificial and falsely labeled dangerous dog bills that ALLOW dogs to commit violent attacks, avoid dangerous dog designations, and have repeat "chances" to reoffend and avoid restriction. Also to allow worthless training certificatives to lift dangerous dog designation for dogs that have attacked.

    Frustrated in that attempt over the years, this sneaky current bill was rammed in without public knowledge.

    These are business lobby interests using politicians to protect their financial interests, which are opposed to public interest, from regulation.

    When Amy Marder DVM was hired by the Animal League of Boston Mass, suddenly the Rescue League turned into a business lobby. Marder works for a pit bull lobbying organization as well as pursues AKC business interests, which is devoted to avoiding regulation no matter what.

    Marder even fights against muzzling dogs that have tried to kill babies, as in Lynn Mass. They want no regulation at all. She persionally puts pressure on policians and towns that are grappling with attack after attack. The politicians cave in to the breeder business lobby, and very few citizens even know who is lobbying against them in secret.

    Marder's Animal Rescue League was suddenly sponsoring some of management to go speak at NAIA events. When NAIA is a puppy mill lobbying organization, the hyprocrisy is apparent.

    The Farm Lobby in Massachusetts also lobbies for breeder interests over public interests and works with these lobbyists.

    MSPCA claims to be a humane organization in Massachusetts, but has repeatedly pursued the interests of the veterinarians that run it. Many of these veterinarians are linked to the breeder lobby. They were lobbying against regulation with a longtime pit bull breeder in Newburyport Mass whose line had killed a child some years back.

    Mix business lobbyists with politicians looking for campaign money and notority, and this is what you get.

    The public has been unaware of these kinds of dealings, done in the shadows without their knowledge, which is why the public is now in the victim seat and will be preyed upon.

  4. Wow. It's a sad day indeed when "animal rescue" groups are colluding with the NAIA, a stated enemy of even the most commonsense animal welfare reforms.

  5. Another fatal attack by a pit-bull in MA. How many more deaths? Why will no one protect children. This topic is becoming near and dear to me as my grandson is continually exposed to one of these animals. Seems no one in government care. How sad for everyone. How can we influence legislation? I don't want to wait for another child death.

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