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4 thoughts on “Trail Blazers - Meet Some of the Faces of the Dog Bite Victims' Advocacy Movement

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  1. This Tucsonan is looking forward to walking tomorrow. It will be a nice, sunny fall day. Perfect for speaking our inconvenient truth to power.

  2. VICIOUS DOG ATTACKS are so senseless. Each story of every victim effects me. But none is so engraved in my mind as these 4 VICTIMS: HUONG LE from Seatec Wa, NICK FOLEY from Cary IL, DOMINIC SOLESKY from Baltimore MD, and CHARLOTTE BLEVINS from Omaha NE. How absolutely delightful it was to see Wendy and Charlotte's picture on this post. WALK PROUD EVERYONE!!!

  3. Thank you to all that organized this event.

    It is about time victims had a voice.

    I am with you all in spirit, and am looking forward to photos and videos from the walk.

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