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14 thoughts on “Ecuador Joins International Trend: Bans Pit Bulls and Rottweilers as Pets

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  1. Dogsbite is a daily visit for me nowadays. This recent blog posting is a very provocative argument in favor of BSL. Americans are not as progressive in certain areas of the law. The fact that these partners/allies, especially the U.K. where dogfighting began, ban pit bulls is very significant. Time for our lawmakers to get “with it”.

  2. “Care of dogs used by police and private security companies will also be regulated. “

    This should be going on in the US to a greater degree

    NO pit bulls should be used by police authorities in any capacity. They are not trustworthy around people and other animals, and represent a liability.

    And if and when they bite, the damage is worse than other breeds

  3. Sick thing is that the United States breeders are often supplying these countries with stock

    You know, all these “responsible” pit bull breeders and “show dog breeders” ahem dog fighter breeders

    It’s a lucrative business, and we should be shutting it down from our end too

  4. Due to the Animal Fighting Act of 2007, Interstate and International trafficking of fighting animals is a Federal Felony.

    Let’s see some prosecutions please!

  5. More information on Okinawa:

    "Okinawa officials placed strict controls on the dogs after a pit bull owned by a local resident attacked two children in 1995, killing one and seriously injuring the other. In 2003, a stray pit bull tore off the thumb of a woman in Okinawa City. A prefectural ordinance designates pit bulls as a fighting breed and requires that they be kept chained or caged when at home and on a leash and muzzled when being walked."

  6. July 23, 2009 – "My question to Ms. Mulhern and other pit-bull fans is: If pit bulls are such wonderful family dogs, why have they been banned in 12 countries? That's right, 12. Belgium; Brazil; Denmark; Finland; France; Canada (Winnipeg, Quebec); the Netherlands; New Zealand; Norway; Poland; Puerto Rico (a commonwealth of the United States); and Sweden. The pit bull is rightfully banned from these smart countries because it is a very aggressive, fearless, vicious, bloodthirsty attack dog that has no place in civilized society."

    I think Sweden is incorrect. By the way, this op-ed comes from a letter carrier in Mesa, AZ.

  7. Nackawic, Canada also restricts dangerous dog breeds:

    "The proposed amendments were revealed at the Aug. 4 regular council meeting, which would see the vicious dog classification changed from breed specific to the animal's actions. Under the current bylaw, pit bulls, Rottweilers and mixed breeds of either are restricted dogs and fall under the vicious dog category – with a registration fee of $250."

  8. Puerto Rico governor keeps ban on pit bull ownership
    January 7, 2010 – "Puerto Rico's governor has vetoed a bill to eliminate a ban on owning pit bulls and to regulate ownership of aggressive animals."

  9. Another innocent child killed by a Rottweiler. 4 year old Ashlynn Anderson was killed yesterday by her family Rottweiler. Completely unprovoked, the dog hurt her so badly that she died in the helicopter flight to OHSU. Now, why in the world should we allow these animals to live amongst our children? We shouldn't, why take a chance?

  10. Norway bans pit bulls, too! Sweet! My wife is from there, maybe I should move myself and my family there. They get it. They understand that pit bulls are just too lethal and dangerous to be allowed in any community. My kids would be much safer there. The USA is so full of sociopathic stupid pit bull breeders and utterly clueless idiots who think that these dogs can have the dangerous genetic heritage loved or trained out of them. Absolute baloney! These morons need to read the story of Nick Foley. I read that story last night, and that heartbreaking story dispells the very dangerous myth that these dogs can have the inbred fighting aggression loved or trained out of them. If a dog gets kicked out of obedience school due to aggressive behavior, that should be a sign that that animal is an unstable case of dynamite that will explode! The USA's leaders need to get it.

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