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3 thoughts on “2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Elderly Woman Dies After October Pit Bull Attack

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  1. Looking back at my first blog on Maryann's story – the article said her injuries were not LIFE-THREATENING. Any time an older person gets their legs and arms eaten off in a vicious dog attack it is going to be LIFE-THREATENING !!!!! I want to add…REST IN PEACE, MARYANN, BUT THERE IS NO PEACE AS LONG AS NOONE IS HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THIS MURDER !!!

  2. This woman was suffering in pain for 7 months because of pits. And she was her mother's only caregiver. And the owner "feels terrible" about it.

    This just never stops.

  3. Does Best Friends Animal Society and Ledy Van Kavage care about this victim of their fighting dogs? No.

    They will blame her, humiliate her, and then ignore her and pretend she never existed.

    They only represent rich people who make money from dog breeding and dog dealing.

    Victims be damned, according to Best Friends Animal Society, and that includes the dogs, cats, horses, and non-human victims too.

    There is an army of people at Best Friends pulling in triple-figure salaries and loaded benefits like free houses, all for helping the fighting dog industry profit.

    This WAS a murder.

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