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7 thoughts on “Former Fire Chief Attacked by Pit Bulls During Morning Walk in Glendora

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  1. Oh my God! What a story!
    The owner of the dog "was ticketed"! Good thing justice was served, then! angry

    I watched the video twice. Mr. Fonza's account was very touching. He sounds so unnerved and vulnerable–the way that is voice trembles a bit, like he's close to crying. The poor man sounds traumatized (why wouldn't he be?). Thank God Officer Fenner came along and saved him.

    Can you imagine trying to climb over a wall to save your life and having two pit bulls drag you down?! Awful! Awful!

    The owner should GO TO JAIL.

  2. Yesterday, I was bitten by a pit bull during my morning run. It was still dark outside, and I heard some dogs barking. I assumed they were behind a fence (the pit bulls at this house always barked at me from behind the chain link fence). Then one came up and chomped the back of my leg. It knocked me down in the road. The bite was bloody, and now it's bandaged and sore and bruised. On top of the painful bite, I have road rash and bruises on my back from falling down. Thankfully it ran away after the first bite.

    I went to the doctor where they called animal control (required by law). Animal control called me an hour later and informed me that the same dog had bitten two other people that morning. The owner received over 400 dollars in citations. After reading stories like this man's, I see that I'm really blessed that it wasn't any worse. The dog is now quarantined to make sure he doesn't have rabies… not fun for me.

  3. Yeah, pit bulls put us back in the middle ages. This man is a viet nam veteran and a firefighter and the closest he's come to death is being the victim of a PROTRACTED pit bull attack.

    Why do we allow animals that PREY on us to be around us?

  4. Talk about lucky…this isn't a knock on cops in any way, but how often does a cop just happen to be driving by when needed?

  5. The sustained, beserking, mauling style of the Pit Bull affords plenty of "Hero" opportunities.

    Nearly every week, someone is saved by neighbors, police or a passerby.

    California seems to be stuck on stupid with 39 Pit Bull fatalities and hundreds of terrible maulings.

    If these were mountain lion attacks, the Governor of California would have the National Guard mobilized, wiping them out.

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