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6 thoughts on “Family of Mauling Death Victim Awaits Apology from Dogs' Owner

  1. FOUR pit bulls, including the two which viciously attacked and killed security officer Denise Rackal in Chaguanas on Monday, were yesterday put to death, even as their police officer owner faces being evicted.

    Sort of a new trend in pit bull names, one was named Obama and the other Champion.

    Dear God, the pit bull owner "may be evicted from his home!" The violin and tears are flowing. How about 10 years HARD TIME INSTEAD and the victim's family suing the living HELL out of HDC for clearly knowing about these dogs and doing NOTHING about it? Sue the hell out of the Chaguanas Police Department while you're at it!

  2. an apology? REALLY?

    I'm so sorry that your wife crossed paths with my pack of ugly mutant fighting dogs that i acquired to help boost my fragile ego and that i am too stupid to properly contain.

    i'm sorry but i don't understand this. and i don't see how anything other than Police Corporal, Daryl La Pierre blowing his own brains out could come close to adequately expressing remorse.

  3. Another Filthy, Illegal, Man-Killing Pit Breeder…

    Notice we never see DBRFs at Retriever breeders…

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