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6 thoughts on “Another Gruesome Attack by a ‘Grandparent’s Pet Pit Bull’ Leaves Child Disfigured

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  1. Folks just don't learn, do they?
    Personally, I would favor a .45 caliber euthanization on the spot. Once a dog attacks a child, that's it! No excuses, no victimizing that canine murderer.
    But the best thing is to not own a pit bull in the first place, for any reason. These mutant dogs need to be outlawed. They are extremely dangerous, bottom line. If my mom ever got a pit bull, my children would not be allowed to visit her. I just can't imagine one of my kids getting severely mauled by a pit bull then hearing a typical pit nutter excuse while the child is laying on the floor bleeding to death. Just sick!

  2. Troy Gladura is a certified pit nutter

    "Gladura did not want his face shown on camera but he spoke with us about the attack…" (God no, a person bitten by Gladura's current or previous pit bulls might recognize him)

    “She was playing with him this morning, petting him, he was licking her," Gladura said. (I think he really meant to say: "licking her to death.")

    Gledura said he’s owned Spike since the dog was 6 months old, but he said it had previously belonged to "abusive owners. (And he knows this how?)

    "Troy Gladura, who did not want to appear on camera…" (God no, the person he bought the dog from will call BS on the above allegation)

    "Gladura admitted he did not have the required license or insurance that South Bend requires for owners of pit bulls." (Because its "way funny" to watch a victim's family wind up in medical bankruptcy court)

    "I wish the whole thing never had happened." (I know, I know, being criminally charged and doing jail time sucks!),0,6397253.story

    "He was a good dog." (A nice reflection after what the dog did to Sarah),0,6397253.story

  3. What is the criminal history of the granparents and or parents to this poor child? Pit bulls and criminal behavior are synonymous.

  4. Injured ears are hard to save — not enough blood circulation gets to the ears. Reconstruction takes the meat from the ribs and is very painful. A terrible injury.

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