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14 thoughts on “Woman, 36, Found Dead at Lansing Home; Police Initially Suspected a Fatal Dog Mauling then Cleared the Dogs

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  1. Did anyone else hear the ending of the dispatcher audio? It sounded like she said, “Probably not a big deal.”

    I hope not. A wretched mess. I hope the dog wasn’t newly rescued

  2. If i take a wild guess the dogs were pitbull .I think either he had the dogs for a long time she probably keep breaking into his house. So he trained the pitbull to kill the “intruder” and he’s thinking to himself the dogs were doing their job to protect their territory.I’m wondering If her is body part is everywhere how are they doing to prepare her body for her funeral .

    • If he had the dogs for a long time, it seems like she would know to be afraid of them. While people don’t want intruders in their home, it seems wiser to change the locks if he thought she would come around uninvited.

      This situation does not look good no matter what. Hopefully, word of mouth will keep women away from this guy who felt he needed to own weaponization dogs.

    • Even trained guard dogs are not trained to tear at people’s throats and chew their limbs right off. This sort of behaviour is natural for pitbulls and other bully/mastiff breeds. You shouldn’t have to train a dog breed not to kill people. There is no justification for owning such a breed in 2023.

  3. It’s not going to stop any time soon. At least not in North America.

    There’s too much money to be made in keeping it going and zero political will to do what the citizens need rather than what profits the pet and non-profit shelter/rescue industries.

  4. So if the dogs were not involved in the death, then they should have definitive proof of some other cause of death not caused by a dog attack (natural or homicide)… but then the dogs still dismembered her body. WTF! Why would they think it was okay to return dogs willing to “eat” and “dismember” a body on the floor? It doesn’t matter if the dogs were responsible for the death if they’re willing to do that.

    • We don’t know what may have happened; police aren’t going to release any details. That commenter could have just invented the whole story. True, that would be unusual, in that we don’t often see that. But that’s pretty crazy comment she left.

  5. Reports are also saying the cause of death is likely accidental. “There was no foul play found,” police said in a news release Monday. “As of right now, this is being ruled an accidental death.”

  6. “There was no foul play found,” police said in a news release Monday. “As of right now, this is being ruled an accidental death.”

    But didn’t the coroner’s report say sharp force trauma??? How does one die accidentally of that? I just don’t get it. Unless, the investigation is ongoing. I hope that’s the case.

    • My understanding is that a dog bite death isn’t “foul play” unless it was owner directed – it falls under the category of “accident”. So saying there’s no foul play is not the same as saying she didn’t die from a dog bite. I did see it reported later in an article that law enforcement was quoted as saying the dogs were not involved. The reporting and communication could be a lot better.

    • She probably got a knife to defend herself from these dogs that were attacking her or acting aggressive and then fell on it while being dismembered by her boyfriends dogs! So despite having the dogs attacking her it’s still an “accidently self infected injury, if we just forget about the dogs dismembering her it all makes sense and the dogs were perfectly innocent! As I said people in this community have to protest this dangerous situation waiting to kill a child that walks too close to the neighborhood!

  7. If the dogs didn’t do it, the dogs should be returned. I believe they already have been. In the USA, dogs are not and should not be confiscated because they might bite. If that became policy, dogs would be concealed. At least, the Chihuahuas would be easy to hide.

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