Parent of Mauling Victim Responds to North Carolina Pit Bull Fatality

By Anthony Solesky A guest writer for the Blog. Accident: an unexpected happening causing loss or injury which is not due to any fault or misconduct on the part of the person injured but for which legal relief may be sought. Every year in America a child will take a few firecrackers and tape enough of them together to manufacture a device that maims him. Other children inclined to do the same will not be injured, but that fact alone does not qualify it as a safe activity… [Read full blog post]

New Site Launch: U.S. Fatal Pit Bull Attacks - The Archival Record - For several years, has been gathering historical fatal dog attacks, incidents occurring prior to 2005, and posting them to a web page. The number of fatal pit bull maulings grew so voluminous, that we decided to launch a new website, Fatal Pit Bull Attacks, to list these attacks along with brief facts about the history of breed-specific laws. Nearly all of the historical incidents were found through Google News Archiv… [Read full blog post]

2011 Dog Bite Fatality: Young Girl Killed by Grandfather's Japanese Akita

Kristen Dutton, 9-years old, was fatally attacked by an akita new to her home. Fatal Neck Injury archived McCormick County, SC - A 9-year old girl was killed by a dog Saturday at her grandfather's home in Modoc. Kristen Dutton, a fourth grade student at Meriwether Elementary School, was taken to Medical College of Georgia Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Her grandfather, Mickey Abercrombie, had purchased the 98-pound Japanese akita1 -- a breed with a well known heri… [Read full blog post]

2011 Dog Bite Fatality: Pontotoc County Man Killed by Three Pit Bulls

Men seen hauling away one of the pit bulls that killed Ronnie Waldo. Manslaughter Charges UPDATE 03/03/11: To our dismay and delight, the owner of the pit bulls that brutally attacked and killed Ronnie Waldo has been charged with manslaughter. James Casey Swanson, 30, of Topsy Road was arrested Thursday morning after the charges were issued by a special grand jury. We encourage readers to take a good look at Mr. Casey, as he represents the "exhausted cliche" pit bull owner who… [Read full blog post]