2017 Dog Bite Fatality: Rescue Dog Kills Woman at Phoenix Boarding Facility

Carol Harris, 69-years old, was killed by this akita she was trying to rehab for adoption. Clarifying Rumors UPDATE 12/23/17: The rescue organization that Carol Harris worked with, Akita Advocates Relocation Team Arizona (AARTA), published a post clarifying Carol's role in the group. "Carol Harris was not simply a volunteer at AARTA as news media has portrayed. She was an officer and the backbone of the rescue as well as the current President of the local breed club." On Dec… [Read full blog post]

2011 Dog Bite Fatality: Young Girl Killed by Grandfather's Japanese Akita

Kristen Dutton, 9-years old, was fatally attacked by an akita new to her home. Fatal Neck Injury archived McCormick County, SC - A 9-year old girl was killed by a dog Saturday at her grandfather's home in Modoc. Kristen Dutton, a fourth grade student at Meriwether Elementary School, was taken to Medical College of Georgia Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Her grandfather, Mickey Abercrombie, had purchased the 98-pound Japanese akita1 -- a breed with a well known heri… [Read full blog post]