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7 thoughts on “Video: Calaveras Enterprise Examines Pit Bull Victim's Last Steps

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  1. Very disturbing. The Angels Inn Motel note pad paper was an exceptionally nice touch. Sellers appears to be very mixed up and uneducated, a common profile of a pit bull owner or other dangerous dog owner. All of this nonsense about "people should have the right to own whatever breed of their choosing" results in cases like Yates who honored his country in multiple tours, was the staple of the Mountain Ranch community and was helping a family friend, Sellers, who he allowed to park her mobile home on his property. Sellers appears too stupid to own any dog, much less two known dangerous pit bulls.

    My heart goes out to the Yates family, who Sellers probably convinced at some point that pit bulls are "Nanny dogs," that man biters were culled and that everything written about pit bulls in the media is untrue, such as their willingness to fight to the death. The case of Yates even demonstrates that the dogs continued to horribly bite the man after he was dead. Does this sound like normal or accidental dog behavior to anyone? Anyone? Sellers was clearly an irresponsible dog owner and it appears had not fed the dogs for a day. Consider how many dogs are not fed for a single day in the U.S. (jillions). A normal dog response to hunger is not to brutally attack and kill an adult man.

  2. "A normal dog response to hunger is not to brutally attack and kill an adult man."

    Absolutely true. If Sheryl Sellers had owned 2 Labradors Jerry Yates would still be alive and well.

  3. The propaganda being distrubed across so many various outlets is truly a consequence of the Michael Vick dog fighting bust. I am absolutely flabbergasted at the misinformation and uninformed publications, television shows, etc. that are everywhere you look.

    Does anyone think that Sports Illustrated will issue a follow up story from Jim Gorant discussing how two (2) of the Michael Vick dogs killed another dog? I really doubt it.

    Isn't it amazing that these dogs had previously encountered Jerry Yates many, many times before, suddenly, they snapped on him! What an absolutely worthless breed of an animal.

    A man-made problem. We can thank our Irish-English heritage for this Americans. The problem is out of control, without a doubt. When will lawmakers wake up and do their job? These dogs do things that wolf packs don't even do in the wild; fight to the death. Terrible tragedy!

    Kudos to the film maker. Well done film. You can absolutely envision how Mr. Yates spent his last breaths.

  4. Whaaaaat a load of shit letter from this Sellers. "I truly feel helpless and paralyzed what to do" — how about putting down the two fucking non-dogs that did this to this loving man? and joining the campaign to ban pit bull type dogs!

    "I understand and respect your with that I stay away" — but not enough to kill the non-dogs that did this. Typical PB freak sociopath.

    "I hold you all so dear in my hart" — but not as dear as the pit bulls that did this. "Keep a song in your heart" just as I'm keeping the pit bulls in my heart that killed your Dad.

    When, oh when, will politicians stop giving in to financial and other interests and BAN — with mercilessness enforcement — ALL of these types of dogs?

  5. One only needs to refer to the comment made by Sellers at a public meeting with her boyfriend about complaints about their pit bulls attacking people and animals in the county.

    Sellers shouted out during the meeting in some kind of attempt to defend herself "if those were my dogs, you wouldn't be here."

    This was in 2006, as I recall. Sellers knew all along that her pit bulls were dangerous, and dangerous to people. Guilty as charged. Worse. This was murder.

  6. I just wanted to express appreciation towards Jami Southard for making this very moving video. It cannot be easy to be on camera in your time of grief like that.

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