Pet Staffy Bull 'Berserks,' Mauls Family Member and Male Friend

Michelle Edwards and a male victim following the double mauling. Police Shoot, Kill DogSt. Clair, AU - If the title of this post and photo caption were missing and only the two images appeared, what would the average person think happened? Victims of a multiple shooting might come to mind or a serious automobile accident. What would not come to mind is that a family "pet" inflicted these injuries. In the state of New South Wales, a family Staffordshire bull terrier, named Chopp… [Read full blog post]

'Fully Vetted' Pit Nutters and Their Service Dogs

By Dorothea Malm A guest writer for the Blog. What's worse than pit bulls and their nutters in your neighborhood? Pit bulls with nutters who follow you into neighborhood shops, restaurants and hop on the bus with you. It's all the rage right now. If you don't mind lying and committing fraud, all you have to do is have or pretend to have a disability and pretend your pit bull is trained to help you with it. Slap a vest or a laminated tag that says "Service Dog" on your pit, b… [Read full blog post]

Activist Seeks Justice for Kyle Holland After Fatal Dog Mauling

Images of Kyle Holland from the News-Herald. Justice for Child Sought archived Lincoln Park, MI - On July 12, Kyle Holland was found by his mother near his bedroom door horribly mauled and killed by at least one of two dogs owned by his mother's boyfriend. Upon reading the initial news reports, noted in our blog post (2010 Fatality: Boyfriend's Dogs Suspected in Death of 5-Year Old) that we had no "related articles." Under that subheading we stated: "There aren't… [Read full blog post]

Maul Talk Manual 1.0: A Guide to Understanding the Language of Pit Bull Owners and Advocates

Maul Talk Manual - Have you ever wondered why terms, such as "canine racism" and "dog holocaust" appear in mauling threads following a serious or fatal pit bull attack? How about, "You are ignorant" and "You are a racist"? In a project combining members of the community, we've defined over 90 phraseologies, separated into 15 categories, used by Maul Talkers (pit bull owners and advocates) to dominate and spin the pit bull debate both locally and na… [Read full blog post]

Rusk County Jury Returns $7 Million Dollar Verdict After Fatal Dog Mauling

Justin Clinton supporters seen in a 2009 rally calling for the banning of pit bulls. Justin's Law Tyler, TX - Several days following a $7 million dollar verdict after the dog mauling death of Justin Clinton, his mother, Serenia Clinton, spoke with the News-Journal. She said, "I don't want any parent to go through what we went through." She and her attorney, Cynthia Kent, are working to push Justin's Law, a state law designed to allow the regulation of dangerous dog breeds. Curr… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Victim Daniela Sexton: 'And Now I Have to Pay for It'

Daniela Sexton Canton, OH - On September 14, Daniela Sexton arrived home from work to find a neighbor's car in her driveway. She needed him to move it, so she exited her car and knocked on his door. As soon as she began to knock, a pit bull burst through the door and bit into her leg. To protect her neck and face, she threw up her arms, but the dog released her leg and latched onto one of her arms, "shaking and jerking it down." Next, the dog clamped onto her face. "The dog was just hanging on… [Read full blog post]