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9 thoughts on “Leashed Pit Bull Bites Through Chest Pack to Attack Baby on Sidewalk

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  1. Obviously since I was not there idk what made this dog attack… But the feeling that I get from this story is that the high prey drive that Pit Bulls have kicked in. Almost every Pit I've met has a super charged prey drive. It's a terrible, terrible tragedy!


    June 7, 2010 – The president of the Lynn City Council says it's time to require muzzles on pit bulls in public after the breed was involved in several unprovoked attacks in the city. Timothy Phelan has asked his fellow councilors to support scheduling a public hearing on the matter after two high-profile attacks over the Memorial Day weekend. In one, a 6-month-old girl in a baby carrier on her father's chest was gashed on her left leg by a leashed pit bull being walked by its owner. In the other, an 11-year-old boy was bitten on the arms and chest by a pit bull that escaped its owner's home. Both animals were euthanized. Phelan tells The Daily Item of Lynn that the breed's aggressiveness and unpredictability is justification for a muzzle ordinance.

  3. Considering how much weight pit bulls can pull–I've seen videos of them pulling stopped cars–can ANYONE actually control a leashed pit bull that decides to attack?

    In cities with muzzling ordinances, pit owners routinely defy the ordinance and refuse to pay their fines. Any law that requires muzzling should also allow an animal control officer to immediately confiscate the dog in question and not return it until it is spayed/neutered at the owner's expense and the fine paid in full. A second violation should result in the euthanization of the dog and jail time for the owner, or there will never be compliance. Pit owners have shown time and again they have no respect for the law, so the law should not give them the benefit of the doubt.

  4. I am very thankful that this baby did not lose her life like some of the other children who have been attacked by pit bulls this year. I hope she has no lasting damage to her leg.

    I would like to know how a dogs prey drive can kick in when the baby was strapped to her dad's chest, offering extremely limited movement.
    I thought prey drive kicked in when an animal moves around or runs from the dog, prompting the dog to give chase.
    The baby obviously was in no position to move around, and the fact that she was on her DADs (a grown man, how could the dog go after a baby guarded by a grown man?!) chest…prey drive had nothing to do with it, that dog simply wanted to kill and chose the weakest person to go after.


    interview with the mom and city council president. i wish they would interview that idiot bimbo Munnyhkkie Moutino or the prosecutor so he can explain where they are in charging this stupid little girl lion tamer wannabe's life.

    actually i think the little bimbo deleted her myspace page after i grabbed her photo from it and put it on my blog.
    i have all of her photos for future use. she needs to be made the poster child as to what is wrong with owning these dogs. a 23 yr old 5'1" 100 lb nitwit parading about town with her ultimate canine gladiator. what a joke. i am just about as angry as i can possibly get over this attack. the lynn city council better have a spine to push this law through. backing down from the pit nutter lobbyists is NOT an option here! attacks like this one are absolute disgrace in a civilized society.

  6. You see in the article that there were TWO attacks there!

    A pit bull from clearly a breeder escaped from the basement of its house to attack an 11 year old child!

  7. From that news article about the second attack in that city, Lynn Ma, same weekend as the attack on the baby

    "The second attack occurred Monday at about 7:30 p.m. when another pit bull – a white-and-tan unneutered pit bull named Champion Fufy Perez – escaped from the basement of its owner's home at 129A Chatham St.

    "The dog broke out of the basement and went after an 11-year-old kid," Farnsworth said.

    The victim was identified as Malik Phillips of 3 Alice Ave. The incident was reported by the child's grandmother. Phillips sustained bites on the left and right forearms and the chest.

    The dog, owned by Michael Perez, was euthanized.
    "Both of these dogs were aggressive as hell. We had to double pole the one this morning just to get him out of the truck," Farnsworth said Tuesday. "That little baby had to get lots of stitches. Frankly, the whole thing made me sick"

  8. 4truth, sorry it took me so long to answer your question about the prey drive, I just noticed it.

    Well almost every Pit Bull I've met (and that would be hundreds) have a super charged prey drive.

    Put it like this, the breed is known for its high prey drive, and so due caution should be
    exercised when cats, rabbits, domestic fowl, and other such animals are present. We can now add dangling baby legs to the list of prey drive triggers.

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