2010 Dog Bite Fatality: 2-Year Old San Bernardino Boy Killed by Family Pit Bull

Front cover and anti-BSL article in Atomic Dogg, Winter 2010, Issue 12. Parents Adored Pits UPDATE 05/29/10: It was also revealed on Friday that the child's parents were pit bull aficionados. According to the Press-Enterprise, though the blinds were drawn at the family's home on Friday, pasted in a front window of the home was a sticker for Atomic Dogg Magazine, a magazine devoted to the "American Bully Breed," which is a pit bull characterized by a stocky body and oversized h… [Read full blog post]

Sting Operation Traps Breeder and Transporter of Fighting Dogs

From left: Jeffrey Denny, his "pet transit" vehicle and the HSUS mobile crime lab. Jeffrey Denny Bedford County, VA - It was reported this week that 36-year old Jeffrey Lynn Denny, a nationally known and "admitted" dog fighter was trapped in a sting operation Monday, as he tried to sell a $900 pit bull to an undercover deputy at a Montvale gas station. Bedford County authorities charged Denny with one felony offense of transporting fighting dogs. On Tuesday, authorities raid… [Read full blog post]

Natylee Murphy Update: Eight Months and 10 Surgeries After Brutal Pit Bull Attack

Natylee Murphy seen eight months and 10 surgeries after the brutal pit bull attack. Natylee Murphy before the attack and a week after at Memorial Herman Hospital. 06/10/14 Update: Follow Natylee's recovery on her Team Naty Facebook Fan page! Victim Slowly Healing Shepherd, TX - Last September, DogsBite.org reported on the horrific pit bull attack involving 3-year old Natylee Murphy. In that blog post, we also wrote about the history of the Texas State anti-BSL law (HB 2065… [Read full blog post]

Germany: Four Staffordshire Bull Terriers Kill 3-Year Old Child

Dogs EuthanizedBerlin, DE - It was reported Saturday that four Staffordshire bull terriers mauled a 3-year old girl to death and badly injured the girl's great-grandmother, who tried to rescue her. Authorities said that prosecutors opened an investigation for negligent homicide against the dogs' owner, the girl's aunt. The great-grandmother and the child were visiting the aunt in her home in Oldisleben-Sachsenburg in Thuringia when the incident occurred. "The girl'… [Read full blog post]

2010 Dog Bite Fatality: 3-Year Old Child Killed by Sled Dog in Napaskiak, Alaska

Dog Owner Named UPDATE 05/22/10: James Haplin of the Anchorage Daily News provided more details about the death of Krystal Brink on May 22. It was Krystal's great uncle, 28-year old Fritz Larson who found her. Larson said he went toward the yard and saw a pink coat on the grass. As he approached, he noticed a skinny young male mutt chained on a post in the yard was chewing on a diaper. Then he saw the girl's body on the ground nearby. "I went nuts. I lost it," Larson said. "Larson said he… [Read full blog post]

Dominic Solesky Featured in National Dog Bite Prevention Week Video

Dominic Solesky at 13-years old (Click image to watch video). Fighting Against Dog Bites Washington D.C. - Back in March, we published a post about Anthony Solesky and his son Dominic (View Anthony's story: Dangerous by Default: Extreme Breeds). On April 28, 2007, Dominic and two other boys were attacked by a pit bull that leaped from its pen. Dominic suffered life-altering injuries. Both Anthony and his son were recently featured in an NBC Washington video that was broadca… [Read full blog post]

1909 Dog Bite Fatality: John P. Colby's Fighting Pit Bull Kills Nephew

John P. Colby and son Louis (1922), Colby's Pincher (top) and Colby's Twister. View Archive Article Newburyport, MA - While researching fatal pit bull attacks of the early to mid 1900s, we came across the most damaging fatal attack the pit bull community has ever known. To start, in 1901 a pet pit bull killed its owner's mistress, in 1909 a pet pit bull killed its owner's brother, in 1945, a pet pit bull killed a 21-month old baby in Los Angeles (just 3-months before fighting pit bu… [Read full blog post]

The Google Search Story of DogsBite.org

View Larger Video DogsBite.org - Back in February, Google ran a popular ad during the 44th Super Bowl called Parisian Love. The ad had been on YouTube for over three months prior to the Super Bowl and had received such a positive reaction that Google decided to share it with a wider audience. Google also created an application so that Internet users could create their own Search Story. Though limited to only seven field boxes, in which to type text into, the tool delivers notable… [Read full blog post]