2010 Dog Bite Fatality: 2-Year Old San Bernardino Boy Killed by Family Pit Bull

Front cover and anti-BSL article in Atomic Dogg, Winter 2010, Issue 12. Parents Adored Pits UPDATE 05/29/10: It was also reported Friday that the child's parents were pit bull aficionados. According to the Press-Enterprise, though the blinds were drawn at the family's home on Friday, pasted in a front window of the home was a sticker for Atomic Dogg Magazine, a magazine devoted to the "American Bully Breed," which is a pit bull characterized by a stocky body and oversized hea… [Read full blog post]

Sting Operation Traps Breeder and Transporter of Fighting Dogs

From left: Jeffrey Denny, his "pet transit" vehicle and the HSUS mobile crime lab. Jeffrey Denny Bedford County, VA - It was reported this week that 36-year old Jeffrey Lynn Denny, a nationally known and "admitted" dog fighter was trapped in a sting operation Monday, as he tried to sell a $900 pit bull to an undercover deputy at a Montvale gas station. Bedford County authorities charged Denny with one felony offense of transporting fighting dogs. On Tuesday, authorities raid… [Read full blog post]

Natylee Murphy Update: Eight Months and 10 Surgeries After Brutal Pit Bull Attack

Natylee Murphy seen eight months and 10 surgeries after the brutal pit bull attack. Natylee Murphy before the attack and a week after at Memorial Herman Hospital. 06/10/14 Update: Follow Natylee's recovery on her Team Naty Facebook Fan page! Shepherd, TX - Last September, DogsBite.org reported on the horrific pit bull attack involving 3-year old Natylee Murphy. In that blog post, we also wrote about the history of the Texas State anti-BSL law (HB 2065) that was passed in 199… [Read full blog post]

Germany: Four Staffordshire Bull Terriers Kill 3-Year Old Child

Dogs EuthanizedBerlin, DE - It was reported Saturday that four Staffordshire bull terriers mauled a 3-year old girl to death and badly injured the girl's great-grandmother, who tried to rescue her. Authorities said that prosecutors opened an investigation for negligent homicide against the dogs' owner, the girl's aunt. The great-grandmother and the child were visiting the aunt in her home in Oldisleben-Sachsenburg in Thuringia when the incident occurred. "The girl'… [Read full blog post]