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7 thoughts on “Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell Proposes Amendment to HB 281

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  1. Thank you Larry Land:

    The first duty of a professional animal care official is to protect public safety. The next goal is to care for the animal in the most humane way possible, whether by returning it to a responsible owner, adoption, or transferring. Euthanasia, administered in the most humane way, is always the final — and always the least appealing — resort for operators of local pounds and shelters.

  2. Robert McDonnell is quite bluntly acting on behalf of dog fighters, puppy mills, and the AKC and "hunting dog puppy mill" type lobbies in the state.

    There are also extremist white supremacist groups in Virginia that breed and fight pit bulls to make money.

    Virginia is a dog fighting hotbed, and dog fighters do like to get their free stock from animal control and shelters.

    The breeder lobby is very much an organized crime aspect of Virginia. There is a reason that Micheal Vick operated his dog fighting business in Virginia. Local and state legislators knew all about it for years, and looked the other way, even though he was cheating them massively on taxes.

    It was only when the Federal government got involved in that investigation that anything happened, and even then the local legislator, a judge and lawyer in Vick's dog fighting town, tried to chase away the Feds!

    They fired the local lawman who had the courage and the ethics to persist in the investigation and who called in the Federal government!

    This kind of criminal collusion by a lawmaker is not new. Senator Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin actively fought on behalf of dog fighting groups, white supremacist groups, and tax cheat breeder groups to oppose national anti-dog fighting laws.

    His corruption was shameless. He was advocating for ORGANIZED CRIME.

    The laws passed, but Sensenbrenner is still in office. He is nothing more than the criminals he represents, as is McDonnell.

    As people die and get mauled by pit bulls adopted out by cities and towns in Virginia, the public needs to SUE. Lawsuit after lawsuit, and since the governor personally changed the law, he should be named in all liability lawsuits.

    He has blood on his hands, and he is going to get people killed, as well as get pit bulls in the animal control system tortured by dog fighters.

    Lawyers need to take notice of Virginia and McDonnell, and they need to advocate for their victims with a strong hand.

  3. "McDonnell's action likely refers to the lengthy court battle between animal groups and Loudoun County Animal Care and Control."

    Keep in mind that very few actual "animal rights" people were involved in this battle.

    It was the BREEDING LOBBY fighting Loudon Animal Control, including dog fighters and the AKC (who breeds pit bulls)

    They may claim to love dogs, but this was all based on breeding industry financial motives.

    The breeding lobby often tries to hide their financial interests behind a "humane" label, as evidenced by their front group names like "Responsible Dog Owner" groups. All breeders, mostly tax frauds and other related breakers of various laws.

  4. The breeders yank those chains and this is the response. You can say some thanks to Winograd because they use him to support their arguments. Since Winograd supposedly represents the humane community, lawmakers thinks this is a way to bring the breeders and humane community together. Such an evil plot has been hatched against us, those who give a shit about the animals.

  5. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary has been subverted by breeders and breeder interests.

    They don't represent the public or even pit bulls! They represent the financial interests of dog breeders and dog fighters now. Best Friends supports HURTING pit bulls.

    Something went very wrong at Best Friends.

    I will say, P, that I have not found that lawmakers are responsive to Nathan Winograd at all. His bad reputation precedes him, and lawmakers perceive him as a radical and a crank. He has bungled so many times, has such a record of utter failure, and created a spectacle that has actually hurt the breeders. The breeding lobby is only showing its desperation by funding him. He has hurt them badly, and lost them credibility.

  6. Depends on the state as to whether they listen to Winograd. He joined forces with the indicted Bill Hemby last year in CA and defeated MSN. I agree that the days of Winograd are definitely numbered and people are turning against his program. Keep in mind that Austin just fell to his program so he is still having an effect.

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