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17 thoughts on “Service Dog Organizations Urged to Support Breed Specific Laws (BSL)

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  1. Look at the wagging tail of the pit! Doing exactly as it was selectively bred to do — attack and kill dogs in the dog-fighting ring!

  2. I think the pit bull had an even BETTER day after the opportunity to flex his genetic muscle presented itself. He's happier than a lab fetching a tennis ball.

  3. There have been SO MANY attacks by pit bulls on service dogs.

    And the handicapped person is usually utterly helpless in the middle of it!

    BUT! There Is A Problem.

    The service dog industry has ugly secrets. There are some breeders making LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY breeding service dogs. This is an INDUSTRY, not charity, for too many breeders (despite the fact that shelter dogs and puppies can easily be trained to be service dogs. Some organizations, like the dogs for the deaf organization, do this.)

    BUT too many of these "service dog charities" are nothing more than big money makers for breeders profiting, churning out large numbers of puppies that have no special qualifications for service dog work, most of whom "bounce" and don't work out. Because AKC / for-profit breeders are involved in this "charity" business activity, they will oppose bsl just out of routine breeder greed and selfishness.

    They don't even care that dogs they bred are getting attacked and ripped to shreds by pit bulls! They don't care about the handicapped person.

    The breeders just care about opposing regulation so they can continue to maximize profits and cheat on taxes.

    And the AKC registers pit bulls (Staffordshire terriers) so these "service dog" AKC breeders will oppose breed specific regulation in a knee-jerk way to protect their fellow breeders.

  4. The same is true of the police dog industry. Some police departments use trained shelter dogs.

    BUT others unnecessarily spend vast amounts of money on breeder dogs (complete with genetic problems and issues) to use as police dogs.

    So even though many police dogs are getting attacked by pit bulls, the breeders that make fortunes selling dogs to police departments (and cheating the taxpayer with overpriced, badly bred dogs) will oppose bsl.

    They only care about their business and the money.

  5. The breeding for and excuse making for dog aggression is disgusting.

    NAMBLA rationalizes man-boy love as perfectly natural and harmless too.

    If they are going to sell these things as pets the need to start culling DA freakshows!

  6. I recently spent several months working in London. Pit bulls are fairly common in the UK despite the ban. Seen the Telegraph today there was a 4 year old killed by a dog in Liverpool. Any bets on the breed?

  7. They still haven't found the hooligan pit bull owner, which is odd as he must be so easy to recognize with that dog.

    Thank god the lab is alright.

  8. I lived in 3 different areas of Britain for 4 years and never heard the term "nanny dog" there. They tend to call the Staffies "hell hounds", "demon dogs", "killers", etc…but not "nanny dogs". That term, I firmly believe, is just another creation of the pit nutter brigade.

  9. More on the UK fatal attack:

    "Dog handlers and armed response officers attended the house in Ashgrove at 12.24am and, after a safety assessment, killed the dog. Officers are trying to establish the type of dog involved. Neighbours described it as a pit bull type, which is thought to have belonged to Jon Paul's uncle, a serving soldier."

  10. I did see a service dog attacked by a pit. No major damage done, we got the pit off quickly. I did contact the agency in my area. They said they had not had reports of service dogs being attacked. One would hope that people with service dogs would report attacks but there is no clearing house to do that.

  11. According to the bbc it was a breeder. Complaints were made months ago by the landlord but the police didn't investigate or follow up on the complaints.

  12. That's another thing, why doesn't law enforcement take complaints more seriously? Why can they overlook the animal laws, they are laws and law enforcement is supposed to enforce them. How many attacks and deaths could have been avoided had law enforcement taken the first complaint seriously?

  13. Guide Dog group complains of attacks
    "We have received numerous complaints from vision impaired clients who have had their guide dog attacked by an unrestrained dog,"he told AAP. "It's a terrible situation because it can have a profound effect on the temperament of the dog. It can turn a social, friendly, confident and competent dog into a nervous one that gets anxious around other dogs. The dogs are placid and focus on the task at hand, do not attack back and tend to try to lead a person out of danger."

  14. 12/21/09 – The owner of a pitbull-type dog that savaged a labrador guide dog in a railway station subway has been arrested. The man has been charged with an offence under the Dangerous Dogs act but police today appealed for help in locating his animal. Detectives believe it has been given to someone else amid fears that it will be destroyed if found.

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