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18 thoughts on “Pit Bulls Attacking Owner's Brother Caught on Camera in Bakersfield

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  1. "Davis, who has seen more than her share of dog bite victims, said having access to dogs of such ferocity just by lifting a gate latch is a safety issue in the neighborhood."

    City Animal Control Field Supervisor Tammy Davis

  2. Look at the fence behind the victim – quite a containment area for dogs that are known to jump 9-12 foot obstacles with relative ease. And of course they're going to return them so that they can hop the fence and wreak that kind of damage on someone's child or grandparent next.

  3. Classic Level 5 Mauling…The hallmark of the breed!

    How do you tell the difference between a meth dealer, a dog fighter and a Pit Bull breeder?

    Answer: You don't!

  4. The world really needs the puppies of these maulers… one can only hope the legal system will not return the dogs to Romero. How can one brother have so little concern for another brother?

  5. How can a breeder have such unconcern for the safety of the animals he is breeding? Come on, pit nutters, what happened to "man biters are always culled"?

  6. This man is very lucky that Mr. Castaneda appeared with a cane to beat the dogs off him. The pit bulls were in the process of "pulling him to the ground" to attack him fatally. Perhaps due to his weight and strength, Herrera was able to stay upright. How many of us could say the same with three pit bulls, biting, tearing and pulling you to ground?

  7. Another documented human aggressive breeding operation! Anxiously awaiting the "responsible" pit bull community to condemn it….We'll probably just get another Pits wearing tu-tu's awareness march instead.

  8. These pups probably have increased street value with Bakersfields meth dealers after a documented Level 5 mauling.

    When is the Pit Bull community going to "grow up?!?

  9. I will never understand the fascination with these vile creatures…..Then again I'm not a sociopath. Seriously , if someone tells me that they own a pitbull that tells me all I need to know about them.

    I bet that man hasn't expressed any concern for his brother.

  10. This is an illegal backyard breeding operation, not reporting income and not paying taxes!

    The IRS and state tax officials need to be doing a full investigation.

  11. From what I have heard, the Bakersfield area is a nest of dog fighters, puppy mills, hoarders, and tax cheat illegal breeders.

    Why? No regulations, so these crooks can get away with this.

    The authorities let dog fighting go on literally under their noses.

    When will Bakersfield decide that it doesn't want tax cheats endangering their lives and abusing animals?

  12. It's is not only lack of income declaration…. everytime a breeder sells a dog they are required to collect and remit sales tax.

    California and Indiana is starting to go after them…

    On the bright side, these dogs were euthanized, including the pregnant human aggressive females.

  13. An absolute shocker the brother did not go after the puppies!

    "Three pitbulls that mauled a man in an east Bakersfield yard were set to be euthanized Tuesday at the end of a 10-day quarantine. "The owner will not be redeeming the dogs," city animal control Supervisor Tammy Davis said Monday. "They won't be released to a rescue or anything like that because of their behavioral history."

    Cheers to 12 or more new potential maulers that will not be!

  14. Nov 17, update:


  15. This shows that virtually all pit bull breeders are sociopathic and can't be trusted. This assclown wanted the pregnant females back after HIS mutant dogs almost mauled his own brother to death. I'm convinced pit bull owners are antisocial cowards. How could ANYONE with any kind of human decency and conscience want a pair of dogs back that almost killed a family member? This true account says a lot about the amoral character of people who breed and own these very dangerous animals.

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