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4 thoughts on “Omaha Firefighters Receive Dangerous Pit Bull Training

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  1. Firefighters now need special training to deal with aggressive pit bulls…I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless and horrified.

  2. Speaking from experience, the typical scenario for firefighters and medics will rarely, if ever, permit the time to mess with a damn catch pole. I know for a fact we’ll never have such a thing on our rigs. PD responds to all calls when available, and pit bulls will be managed the same way they’ve always been. If they can’t be quickly corralled and barricaded with things immediately at hand, they’re either taken head on with a spanner wrench or shot by PD. The notion there would ever be enough time or people for public relations catch pole artistry is laughable.

    I’ll add my amazement at how many heroin addicts, who are frequent flyers for our Narcan program, will choose a pit bull. Nothing says “Idiot!” louder than a user in respiratory arrest being guarded by a pit.

    Once a department has committed to catch poles, the next step is to respond them to pit bull incidents where injuries may not exist or the information is unclear. Now you’re committing engine companies and medic units, who for legal reasons will not be available for other calls, even if the dog is only at large. You don’t want your engine company hung up in a cat rescue evolution when they may be needed for legitimate rescues and the idea of catch poles on emergency rigs for pit bulls is the same kind of stupid.

    Shame on this Chief for not putting his foot down. Ban these ugly beasts and be done with this nonsense.

  3. Good post! The amount of resources involved with these pit bull situations has to be costing a fortune.

  4. Pit Bull Causes Problems for Firefighters in Kenosha

    They’re not afraid to run into a burning building, but a pit bull can be a problem. The dog made it difficult for Kenosha Firefighters to fight a fire on 23rd Avenue overnight. The dog was eventually put into a police squad, allowing the firefighters to fight the house fire.

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