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17 thoughts on “Pit Bull Owners Force the Removal of Justin Clinton's Small Memorial

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  1. I can't believe that the neighbors of these people haven't risen up and driven them out of town on a rail. They are disgusting scum of the earth, and if they're just leasing that property, why haven't their land lords kicked their sorry butts to the curb?

  2. What, in God's name, is wrong with pit bull owners? These people are directly responsible for the death of someone's CHILD! I cannot believe they made them take that small flower pot with a wooden cross away!

    The sociopathy of pit bull owners is so well-documented, its amazing that its still legal to breed these animals in most places.

  3. If they are leasing the land, the neighbors should protest with the landlord. Make the landlord's life miserable with phone calls, and letters of complaint, make sure the landlord's name makes it into the local paper as the guy who rents to child killers.

    I hope the landlord is held financially liable, also.

  4. Ricky and Christi George — certifiably negligent, in denial and "vicious" owners of deadly pit bulls. It's interesting that the George's would "demand" the removal of the small memorial given that they are currently entwined in a civil lawsuit with the Clinton family (this action cannot help them "appear" to be sympathetic). It just goes to show that certifiably negligent, in denial and "vicious" owners of deadly pit bulls are also certifiably stupid and criminal.

  5. This is so heinous! I remember this "couple" when this tragedy happened. They made it all about themselves. Remember their minister spoke on their behalf, and made it like they were just as much the victims as poor Justin. I remember being aghast at the newspaper responsible for that bit of perp-loving journalism. And that wasn't the only article they did which was sympathetic to these pit nutters. And Like a do-do, I read some of the comments on this latest article — the nutters are out in full force, supporting their own. Whatever happened to their stance to punish the owners whenever something like this happens?

    RIP Justin.

  6. Look at what Ricky and Christi George's attorney is saying:

    "Heike said the Georges were not at home at the time the 10-year-old boy was mauled to death. Their yard was fenced and no one witnessed the beginning of any attack on the boy and there is no absolute proof their dogs attacked, mauled and caused the death of Justin Clinton, the statement claimed."

    I've heard it all now folks. Next they'll be saying that the boy isn't truly dead. Pit bull owners and lawyers who defend them have one thing in common to be sure: They make "yummy shark food."

  7. How do you spell DENIAL and GUILT.

    They are NOT sorry because they are not good enough people to feel Remorse with the hope of Redemption.

    That minister might remind them of these facts.

    The state of Texas simply must get off its seat and help the people of this state who suffer time and time again with horrific maulings and deaths from this breed.

  8. My heart has fallen out reading this story, and the many stories I have read since finding This type of trauma is multi-generational that extends to all of the victim's family members, all of their relatives and all of their children. It also extends to all of their friends and caring members of their community.

    PIT BULLS BRING DEVASTATION UPON FAMILIES AND COMMUNITIES, of which they can NEVER recover. So called "responsible pit bull owners" — that were "responsible" up until the serious or fatal attack and loved their family pit bulls — are then "irresponsible" after their dog seriously injures or kills a victim?

    No! The pit bull's propensity toward devastating violence is well documented!

  9. Yard was fenced?


    They climb them (even high ones) or dig under them.

  10. What needs to pass is Justin's Law…The problem is getting the good people to beat the dog lobby.

  11. From New London, over a year later I still think of Justin when I drive through LC. I noticed when the monument was removed and never knew the story behind it, it sickens me. My heart is with the family.

  12. when i see that young boy in the picture smiling, i see a bright future ahead of him. playing baseball with his dad or catch with his sister, going on his first date in high school, applying for college and going away. i am shocked to see this boy is dead. this is unbelievable. why don't they ban pitbulls? we don't live in the middle ages. we don't need violent animals in civilization. this is a very sad story.

  13. They murder a kid then tell them you can't morn here. Why do these people still exist?

  14. Dogs R not Babymachines breeders with no permits 2 continue 2 knock up felmale pits. First off If this man did not have a breeders lisceance
    there is a law somewhere that states
    No way, All pits in our state must be sprayed which no 1 does yets none of theese law breakers have been arrested as of yet. It is a felony 4 any felony 4 any felony 2 own a pitbull. A pitbull was at my front door when I walk out using bathroom on my rosebush, it ran around me after a tornado and ran 2 my home when car blew horn. mo later @ my rosebush when I turned the corner 2 come inside with 1 of my dogs. I backed up slow and put my dog in trash can because I read a cailfornia woman hide her baby from a pit in a can. Pit looked like what are you doing/ I told my german sherpard be quite she was in my 6ft fence, she obeyed, n told my crocker spaniel be quite he hide and was, the pit stared me came hald close walked off. 3 weeks later she was running @ me from 3 houses down, I was close enough 2 get my dog inside house. I peeked out and she acted like I was her master and she was home,later she was walking with kids and the pound had got her and brought her 2 me and asked is she yours, and I said no, but he said she is friendly, my neighbors had never even noticed her running across the yards. " I am so sorry 4 your Lose and your congressman should let your family leave the memorial sign up, why was the dog unchained or not behind a fence, On the law if you pull up doglaws it usually says: All pits must be leashed , spayed netured not allowed on logging chains, and must be crated. Do you know if the owner had any criminal past it is open record, and if the dog pound cited him for leash laws. I spoke with a 70 year old lady who told me her pit got out off fene alot she breeds backyard which is illegal in my state yet she has never been arrested and I just saw pit pit in a tiny fence, on a small chain, theese owners do not care and should be banned from soceity . I used to live in Fulton county Ga. and today again somebody left a 2 year old with a pit. What is wrong with their heads. Have the pit breed become the daylight werewolves. Where I live has cod no pits in community and I know 4 neighbors who own them. Your son is now a beautiful Angel in Heaven

  15. It's all been expressed. Thanks for sharing this account, we need to spread this far and wide. Texas now leads the nation in fatal attacks. Justin will never be forgotten, you need to send this memorial to every civic leader and politician. We must stop this!

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