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31 thoughts on “I'm Tired of 'Pit Bulls Before People,' A Response to Carrie Pollare

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  1. This Carrie Pollare is selling these bracelets for $10 each. I have a wholesaler magazine from various manufacturers that make these bracelets. They cost the retailer literally pennies each.

    Carrie is selling the bracelets for $10 but only donating half ($5.00) to this alleged "charity" which is actually a pit bull breeder LOBBYING GROUP of Best Friends.

    Therefore Carrie is making a PROFIT on each bracelet.

    Carrie is profiting from the pit bull breeders, dog fighters, and all the rest who breed dogs that destroy people's lives and tear children to shreds.

    Notice that Carrie has also sold bracelets for child charities.

    I guess she thinks that autism is bad, but aggressive dogs bred purposefully to have a high prey drive and to RIP CHILDREN UP and kill them are ok.

    hHis is hypocrisy to the nth degree.

    And this is also a business masquerading as charity, raising money for a business lobby (dog breeders.)

    It's as bad as someone raising money for the tobacco companies by raising money to oppose regulation (and by the way, the pit bull breeder lobby has a TOBACCO LOBBYIST working for them to issue propaganda that Carrie is spewing)

  2. 1.) I'm tired of so-called "responsible" pit owners who won't hesitate to donate money so that more maulers can be placed in society but won't lift a finger or spend one dime to help victims of pit attacks.

    2.) I'm tired of pit owners claiming they love dogs when they own dogs genetically bred to maim and kill other dogs.

    3.) I'm tired of pit owners of so-called breed ambassadors taking every chance they get to try to shove their dogs down other people's throats and then scurrying back into the woodwork when one of their "ambassadors" snaps and hurts or kills another domestic animal or human being like that poor horse in San Francisco.

    4.) I'm tired of waiting for the federal government to step in and take care of this problem, because the states are failing at every level.

  3. Carrie Pollare includes the "I'm tired of BSL" campaign along with very serious human health issues, including: AIDS, Autism, Breast Cancer, Diabetes, and Heart Disease.

    I'm tired of people like Carrie Pollare "USING" tragic human health issues to prop up the "misunderstood" pit bull argument.

    I'm tired of people like Carrie Pollare "BOUGHT OFF" by groups like Best Friends to further their pit bull agenda.

  4. Our society has lost its heart and soul when children and other victims of dangerous dogs are disregarded for years in favor of "dogs rights" where vicims have no rights at all and are reqired to draw on their own resources to repair the damages..if they survive the attack.

  5. I am very tired of the people who claim this dog is no different than other dogs. Pit bulls were created for fighting and killing other dogs and are more dangerous. So we live with children who for many years will go from surgery to surgery. Amaya Hess will have her 50th surgery soon. This has been since she was two—now she's a big girl five years old. Little Justin is of course—dead.

  6. Amen!!!! I'm tired of waiting until something happens before something is done – especially when you see pictures such as above.

  7. I'm tired of my tax dollars being spent to deal with the glut of unwanted, unstable pit bulls flooding our shelters and communities. Money spent by AC departments who must capture, shelter, and untimately euthanize all the unwanted, unadoptable pit bulls; police departments who must constantly deal with calls regarding dog attacks/dangerous dogs roaming.

    I'm tired of seeing wonderful, non-aggressive,adoptable dogs euthanized for lack of space and money, because pit bulls command the lion's share of resources in virtually EVERY animal shleter in the country.

    I'm tired of the pain and suffering of all the forgotten victims of pit bull attacks…the dogs, cats, horse's and other pets who have been savagely killed or maimed in unprovoked pit bull attacks.

    I'm tired of watching people who claim to love animals defend the continued breeding of dogs whose only purpose is to kill other animals.

  8. I am tired of dangerous and violent animals being given more rights than millions of unadopted, undamaged children throughout this country and the world.

    I am tired of owners of violent dogs not having the financial means to support the damage their "pets" cause.

    I am tired of having to wrap my leg when I go on vacation because of the swelling and pain.

    Finally, I am tired of pit bulls being a cultural problem. These unstable dogs have now infiltrated our culture instead of maintaining a place in the world as an animal. Owning these dogs is now considered a rite of passage or a symbol of being strong, etc.

  9. I'm tired of Best Friends, HSUS and all the local shelters and animal control agencies ignoring or downplaying the pit bull's aggressive nature towards animals and the harm these abominable freaks of nature do to NORMAL dogs, and cats and horses and ponies and donkeys, goats and sheep and pigs and cows and llamas and chickens.

  10. I am tired of people saying not enough people have been killed by pit bulls to ban them. I am tired of everyone thinking they NEED a pit bull and NEED to breed them. I am tired of seeing Pit Bulls suffer from cruelty and neglect. I am tired of seeing aggressive pit bulls run loose in my community. I am tired of Anti BSL groups who distort the truth about pit bulls. I am tired of seeing family pets being killed by pit bulls. I am tired of seeing 6yr old children with 60 stitches in thier face from being attacked by the "family" pit bull. I am tired of np spine politicians who don't stand up to the anti bsl groups in order to protect us. I am tired of seeing shelters full of pit bulls so the shepherds and labs are put down to hold pit bulls for "rescue". I am tired of "rescue" groups making a profit off the plight of pit bulls. I am tired of typing or I could go on forever……

  11. I am tired of all the names they use to describe a pit bull. Am staff, american bully, american bull terrier, st.francis terrier, new new yorkie, etc. They are all pit bulls. How about we share the most common names given to these dogs by thier owners…anything having to do with violence, drugs or famous criminal element such as capone, scarface, etc..

  12. I'm tired of city councils caving in to the pit bull nutters.

    I'm tired of Cesar Millan promoting pit bull ownership.

    I'm tired of the ACF, Best Friends, the AKC, and others who promote pit bull ownership.

    I'm tired of being tired about these fruit loops!

  13. Carrie is sending money to Best Friends.

    Meanwhile, accordinbg to 2007 figures, Russ Mead (Best Friends attorney) is making about $100,000 a year (plus they have a pension fund) to LOBBY FOR PIT BULL BREEDERS and hook up with some pretty nasty pit bull breeder groups whose members have been involved in some pretty nasty things against humans and pets.

    I can only guess that Ledy VanKavage is making at least that much to do same, if not making more.

    Some Best Friends salaries and finances from of all things a nutter who at least realizes that Best Friends is not spending money helping animals and NOT helping needy pit bulls in their own state. Look and see where the money goes.

  14. Thank you E. Lightner! Behind every pit bull attack story is a very real victim. We suffer financial loss, physical trauma, emotional damage, our lives will never be the same, but the existence of victims is denied.

  15. I'm tired of so called "Dog Lovers"
    rationalizing owning dogs bred for killing other dogs.

  16. I'm tired of fighting dogs and dog fighters and the pit nuttering cheerleaders who crawl out of the woodwork to offer financial and emotional support to these psychopaths when their yards are raided, their dogs are confiscated and they're cuffed and hauled away.
    Yeah Allie, you are at the top of my list.

  17. I'm tired of PB owners who say "Ban the deed, not the Breed". This sentence was designed to stifle any further investigation into their nature by refusing to look at the bigger picture. It's designed to keep the problem at ground level. I say "Ban the breed and the deeds will take care of themselves."

    I'm tired of PB groups who cry about BSL but have no realistic plan to deal with the problem. BSL wouldn't have existed if they were better at regulating themselves. They have no one to blame but themselves. I'm offended that governments took so long to act. Waiting as long as they did didn't make the problem go away.

    I'm tired of being accused of belonging to a hate group. Again, if it wasn't for their negligence. I wouldn't be here! Their love (and ignorance) of PB's forces me into this position. Why is it so damned popular and P/C to love PB's? I don't hate PB's anymore than I hate silver back gorillas, but I'm not stupid enough to own either one.

  18. I am tired of County Animal Services infiltrated and run by by pit bull advocates.

    I am tired of adoptable dogs who actually would make good family pets being euthanized to make room for more UNadoptable pit bulls!

    I am tired of my favorite animal charities and rescues being taken over and ruined by pro-pit bull litigious psychopaths.

    I am tired of innocent animals being killed in shelters by pit bulls.

    I am tired of sleazy nutter lawyers.

    I am tired of not being able to do anything about it when a vicious pit bull attacks my dog because it is his "first bite."

    (Bite? Do Pitbulls even bite? Bite is quite benign compared to what we have all witnessed and experienced – can we just say MAUL? Thanks.)

    OK, so I am tired of people calling a mauling a bite.

    I am tired of pit bulls at family parks, dog parks, and tied up at cafes.

    I am tired of people who lie when they say they walk their pit bull with a muzzle.

    I am tired of gangs of pit bull owners taking over neighborhoods, neighborhood associations and intimidating everyone else who lives there.

    I am tired of gullible young people who believe all the pitter propaganda.

    But I am MOST tired of 2 things and equally – the lies these people tell and their dogs.

    (I am not sure there is a difference. The people and their dogs make up one idea, and it's a very hideous and unfortunate marriage.)

  19. I am tired of people. Stupid people. Pleople who put kids next to pit bulls. People who choose to not live in reality. People who don't know how precious life is. How quickly a "friendly" dog can turn violent.

  20. I'm tired of pro-Pitbull lunatics proclaiming their "right" to own a dangerous animal, which rightfully belongs in a zoo.

    I'm tired of Pitbull owners who do not understand that PREVENTING a potential mauling is always miles better than waiting for a disaster to happen.

    I'm tired of Pitbull owners not being legally required to purchase liability insurance upon the purchase of their aggressive genetic mutants.

    I'm tired of defunct and backwater laws and policies which STILL allow people to own Pitbulls as domestic pets.

    They're not suitable as pets. Enough is ENOUGH!

  21. I'm tired of Pit Bulls being rehomed with genuinely caring families under the guise of 'Lab cross' only for the new owners to find out later that they have been duped into accepting a ticking time bomb into their home.
    I'm tired of said duped individuals failing to recognise the risks of keeping their newly adopted 'lab cross' even though they have been warmed, because of the pit bull propaganda machine.
    I'm tired of pit bull owners disregarding BSL even when its in place because 'their dog is sweet and wouldn't hurt a fly' and/or they place their own desires to own a particular dog over the safety of themselves, their family members, children, members of the public, domestic pets and livestock and wildlife when a safer unresticted breed of dog can give them just as much love and companionship.

  22. I am tired of these special interest groups (that exist to protect the image of the pit bull) flying under the radar and getting cities to overturn BSL without the victims even knowing about it.

  23. I am tired of people being called "psychos" and treated like the lowest criminals just because they don't want any more adults, children or pets horrifically maimed and killed.

    I am tired of killer dog advocates being held up as some kind of wonderful humanitarian angels.

  24. I am glad you guys included attacks on pets. I have dealt with a few pit attacks on my dog. And they always say "he was always a good pittie" or "she's always been friendly", yeah….right thanks for setting my friendly dog back on socialization. Glad I left MY dog on a leash. Screw pit owners. I'm at the point I am actually ok with them being put down. Mainly because I am sick of their s**t. Keep your damn mutants contained, and out of dog parks.

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