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3 thoughts on “Ontario Court Of Appeals Upholds Province's Pit Bull Ban

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  1. Dog fighters and breeders have been pouring money in to this challenge, and Clayton Ruby should be forced to disclose where his money is coming from!

    It’s like money laundering, in a way.

    The dog fighters are aching over the loss of their organized-crime type revenue!

    In the March 2007 ruling, Thea Herman gave a good example of the weak and manipulated “judge” (or authority figure) that the dog fighters use as a puppet.

    Her ridiculous “ruling” was straight from dog fighters’ propaganda, nearly word for word!

    They prey on the minds of emotional, misguided judges with silly myths about “persecution” and the naive like Thea Herman fall for it.

    It is frightening to think of anyone that easily misled in the position of judge.

  2. What these judges now have said is exactly the truth.

    Despite all this garbage about “it’s not the dog, it’s the owner,” countless pit bulls that have mauled or killed have never been abused or mistreated a day in their lives!

    They have been raised from puppies in loving homes, properly trained- but then they do just snap, even turning on their loving owners!

    Pit bulls ARE different from other breeds!!!

  3. It’s been proven time after time in a court of law that Pit Bulls have dangerous phenotypical characteristics. It’s not the dogs the dogmen who killed and culled them to produce the Ultimate Canine Gladiator. Breeding them in their current form is utterly irresponsible.

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