2009 Dog Bite Fatality: 3-Year Old Gabrial Mandrell-Sauerhage Killed by Family Dogs

From left: Gabrial Mandrell, views of the front of the home and yard. Dogs Euthanized UPDATE 06/30/09: The three dogs involved in Gabrial's death have been euthanized: two pit bull-mixes and a collie-mix. Police said in a previous statement it is believed the collie-mix was tied up during the incident while the pit bulls were loose. In a press release issued Tuesday by the Williamson County Sheriff's Department, it stated that "Gabrial suffered at least one bite that would h… [Read full blog post]

I'm Tired of 'Pit Bulls Before People,' A Response to Carrie Pollare

People Must Come First DogsBite.org - Carrie Pollare recently wrote an article titled, "Getting Bullish Against BSL," that was published by the Huffington Post. In the article, Pollare repeats the many pit bull distortions voiced by pro-pit bull groups. For instance, the real problem is "individual" vicious dogs and the "criminals" who create them. Pollare neglects to mention the many "nice" family pit bulls that violently attack, most recently, the two pit bulls that k… [Read full blog post]

Shaylee Crosson, 3, Loses Scalp in Pit Bull Attack

From left: Shaylee Crosson before the pit bull attack and after. Miracles in the Making UPDATE 06/29/09: A family member or friend of Shaylee Crosson has developed a prayer website for the little girl along with other children. The website states: "This blog has been created so that we can pray as a body of believers for the tiny miracles of this world." The site also shows critical injury (graphic) photographs taken of Shaylee after the attack. We urge parents to look at these i… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull and Owner Perform 'Synchronized Fence Scaling' in Neighborhood

DogsBite.org - Pit bulls are classic escape artists.1 This is why cities with pit bull regulations often mandate a four-sided enclosure with cement flooring and a secure top for this dog breed.2 This video shows the pit bull owner teaching his dog to perform "synchronized fence scaling" in an urban environment.3 While most dog owners would frown upon their dog climbing a fence to escape their property, pit bull owners frequently teach it and revel in their dog's "achievemen… [Read full blog post]