2009 Dog Bite Fatality: 3-Year Old Gabrial Mandrell-Sauerhage Killed by Family Dogs

From left: Gabrial Mandrell, views of the front of the home and yard. Dogs Euthanized UPDATE 06/30/09: The three dogs involved in Gabrial's death have been euthanized: two pit bull-mixes and a collie-mix. Police said in a previous statement it is believed the collie-mix was tied up during the incident while the pit bulls were loose. In a press release issued Tuesday by the Williamson County Sheriff's Department, it stated that "Gabrial suffered at least one bite that would h… [Read full blog post]

I'm Tired of 'Pit Bulls Before People,' A Response to Carrie Pollare

People Must Come First DogsBite.org - Carrie Pollare recently wrote an article titled, "Getting Bullish Against BSL," that was published by the Huffington Post. In the article, Pollare repeats the many pit bull distortions voiced by pro-pit bull groups. For instance, the real problem is "individual" vicious dogs and the "criminals" who create them. Pollare neglects to mention the many "nice" family pit bulls that violently attack, most recently, the two pit bulls that k… [Read full blog post]

Louisiana State Dog Attack Law (HB 155) Wins Final Legislative Approval

State Rep. Rickey Hardy's bill, HB 155, passes in a unanimous vote. Unanimous Vote Louisiana - In a bill that will broaden state laws on negligent homicide and make it easier to prosecute dog attacks that result in severe injury or death, House Bill 155 passed the Louisiana House 89-0. Earlier in the month, the Senate passed the proposal 31-0. The bill is dedicated to 83-year old Luna McDaniel of Ville Platte who was killed by three loose pit bulls in 2008 and to 4-year old Michael… [Read full blog post]

Texans Killed by Pit Bulls in 3.5 Year Period (2006-2009)

DogsBite.org - Between January 1, 2006 to June 15, 2009, 19 Texans were killed in a fatal dog attack. Pit bulls are responsible for 15 (79%) of these deaths. Rottweilers, the second leading killers, accounted for 3 (16%) of them. It is painfully clear that the statewide Texas anti-BSL measure, which forbids municipalities from enacting breed-specific laws, has been a disaster. There has also been no initiative from the Texas pit bull community to "breed safer dogs." Last No… [Read full blog post]

Troy, Missouri Bans Pit Bulls; 60 Days to Register Current Dogs

Unanimous Vote Troy, MO - In a unanimous vote, Troy Board of Aldermen passed an ordinance prohibiting new pit bulls within the city. This followed several complaints of these dogs running loose and a fatal attack on a pet dog by two pit bulls. Troy now joins at least 15 other Missouri cities that regulate pit bulls, and appears to have done so prior to an attack that resulted in severe human injury. Thumbs up to Troy policymakers, who also did not mince words in their ordinance. "Th… [Read full blog post]

Fayette, Alabama Passes Pit Bull Ban in City Limits

Ban Passes 5-1Fayette, AL - Back in March, Christina Selman was terribly mauled by three of her neighbor's pit bulls. She had stepped between her daughter and one of the pit bulls after her daughter tried to pet it. The dogs immediately bit into her leg and pulled her to the ground. Fayette Police Chief Danny Jenkins said her injuries were unlike anything he had ever seen. This debilitating attack was the driving force behind Fayette's new ordinance to ban pit bulls. The ordinan… [Read full blog post]

James Harrison's Pit Bull 'Patron' is Up for Adoption Under New Breed Name

From left: MK (Mary Kay) Kain, Patron the "rehabilitated" triple mauler. Breed Mislabeling Pittsburgh, PA - The Post-Gazette published a "glowing" article about James Harrison's pit bull named Patron. Last month, the dog attacked Harrison's 2-year old son, his wife and another woman sending all three to the hospital. After the multiple assaults, Harrison chose to "rehome" the dog instead of euthanizing it. As DogsBite.org stated back then, the dog would likely be renam… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Attacks Owner 24 Hours After Adoption from Humane Group

"Hydraulic Press" GripCoer D'Alene, ID - It was recently reported that a pit bull adopted from the Kootenai Humane Society severely attacked its new owner 24 hours after the adoption. The unlucky new owner, Kip Legaard, lost two pints of blood in the attack. He's now angry because the humane group told him that the pit bull named Mojo would make a good family dog. "The lady's like he's so sweet, so sweet, so sweet," Kip said. That is until the dog suddenly attacked him. "All of a sud… [Read full blog post]