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10 thoughts on “Fayette, Alabama Passes Pit Bull Ban in City Limits

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  1. This is fantastic! I am truly in awe of Jenkins. He really gets it. I'm just sorry it took the horrible mauling of Christina Selman to make this happen. I wish other municipalities and states would get proactive with dangerous dog laws and BSL, before another child is killed, or somebody else is scalped or maimed for life.

  2. You are right, this was a very important comment from Mr Jenkins who is very perceptive

    Other kinds of of dogs bite. Dog bites, you walk away from. PIT BULLS MAUL. Mauling means attacking until the victim dies or the mauler dies. Mauling means torn off limbs, missing flesh, missing eyeballs, bones crunched, reconstructive surgeries for decades.

    And that is exactly what pit bulls have been selectively bred to do for hundreds of years- MAUL. They even have been bred to have the physical characteristics to maximize the physical destruction and damage.

    They also have been bered to have a high prey drive, maximum strength, aggression, everything you need to have a mauler.

    Man created pit bulls to do only bad things. And man needs to stop creating pit bulls. But some people make money from it, and those are the ones that the pawns like Cedric Wilson represent.

  3. And notice how dangerous dog rules were in place that did NOTHING.

    That too is a tactic of the pit bull breeders and fighters- get meaningless, worthless, toothless, useless dangerous dog laws passed so the pit bull breeders and fighters CAN GO ON DOING WHAT THEY WANT!

  4. I'm glad the council "got it". I'm just sorry it took a terrible mauling to get it through their heads. Far too many law makers are reactive rather than pro-active. If public safety truly came first, no one in this nation would be allowed to own a pit bull.

  5. Here were the out-of-state pit bull breeders sending out the call to hammer on the Fayette leaders to oppose this ban!

    And worst of all, here is the STAFF OF BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SANCTUARY issuing forth PIT BULL BREEDER AND DOG FIGHTER PROPAGANDA IN THEIR NAME to get people to manipulate and coerce the leaders of Fayette to oppose bsl.

    Read this garbage! This is straight from the dog fighters! and filtered through Best Friends, a supposed humane organization!

    Best Friends seems to be getting run by breeders and dog fighters now.

  6. Best Friends left the Dog Fancy and became part of the "Maul Fancy" when they got invoived with Vicks dogs and saving the misunderstood thrice-biter Patron.

    The message should be clear to the Pit Community by now…start breeding away from explosive dog and human aggression.

  7. Speaking of Best Fiends, what do you expect of those who believe that dogs can foretell the coming of the end of the world. Do you think these people keep these dogs because they love them? They have them for a reason, so they can get a headstart on the end of the world. In the real world, it is known as paranoia.

  8. P, I think the cult aspect and cult roots of Best Friends faded a while ago. The original founders are basically gone (except for profiting from merchandise sales but they aren't hanging around the sanctuary for that- they aren't on the board anymore), and I think the heavy-duty pit bull promotion is a new, bloodthirsty crowd that is taking over who wants to get their hands on the money (there's a lot just sitting in the bank) and also want to try to position themselves as "national experts" for the ego-jolt and $$ that brings and to push their agenda. This new Best Friends is a corporate Best Friends, and I think the humane aspect is disappearing.

  9. Only 16 pit bull owners registered their dog by the due date! Now if they get caught, the city — by law — may have to take their dog away from them. I can hear the irresponsible nutters now, "The City killed my dog! This is genocide!"

    That's right. It's pit bull genocide directly due to irresponsible pit bull owners.

    s of now, it's illegal to have any unregistered pit bulls in the city of Fayette. The deadline to get a permit for the animals was at 4 p.m. Two hours before the cut-off, only 16 were registered. The city first looked into drafting a 'viscious dog' ordinance in June after a woman was mauled by her neighbors pit bulls. She was hospitalized, but recovered with life-long scars and injuries. Owners of the animals had to pay 50 dollars for a permit, provide a picture and obtain liability insurance on their animals. Police Chief Danny Jenkins said many of them waited until the last miniute, "There are a lot of insurance companies who won't cover a specific breed of dog. They're in the business of reducing risk and if it's too risky they don't want any part. So, that tells me our mayor and city council made the right move on this." Anyone caught in the city with pit bull without a permit can be fined and summoned to court.

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