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9 thoughts on “Zupf: 'Poster Boy' Pit Bull Owner, David Holland, Jr., 'Beyond Vacuous'

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  1. This guy(pit bull owner) is a candidate not for water boarding but drowning.

  2. ZUPF, Thank you for creating a permanent record of this low life piece of garbage DAVID HOLLAND.
    Never trust a news link to remain active forever and let’s all keep our fingers crossed that DAVID HOLLAND is soon playing the part of Big Bubba’s girl friend in a Connecticut state prison.

  3. NO. NO NO! You guys have it all wrong. You should hailing this BSL poster child as a hero. He did more damage to pit bulls and their idiot owners in that 5 minute interview than we ever could!
    We should just sit back reap the benefits.

  4. Ah, to be 19 going on 9 with your pit bulls in the news. It doesn’t get any better for a moron like this.

    “Viva la pit bulls! The choice of idiots, everywhere!”

  5. I find this Pit owner/breeder’s honesty refreshing…In fact he may be the only honest pit owner in the country.

    Most give the facade of being a responsible and empathatic person, despite proliferating dog killing thoroughbreds into neighborhoods.

    At he’s not spewing Nannydog propaganda!

  6. Clearly another human agressive Pit bull breeding cell, yet all the pit community is worried about is the bad PR.

    Enter now the question:

    Where are this dogs litter mates?

  7. More tax dollar guzzling pit bull owners!
    “Cincinnati Police say an Evanston man made up a story about a person being shot so he could talk to them about his pit bulls being seized earlier in the day. Adam Knox, 23, was arrested on Wednesday at his home on Dixmont Avenue on a charge of making false alarms, a misdemeanor. Police say Knox was upset that police took his pit bulls, so he called them and told them someone had been shot so they would “come right now.”

  8. Breed specific legislation is actually HUMANE for the welfare of pit bulls. “Punish the deed instead of the breed” does not work. Dog fighters think dog fighting laws are a joke and *will* still dog fight due to high purses and the distribution of cocaine and illegal weapons. These weapons are used in armed robberies and home invasions. FOR EXAMPLE, IT IS CURRENTLY A HIGH FELONY IN ALL 50 STATES TO DISTRIBUTE COCAINE – BUT IT’S HAPPENING EVERYWHERE DUE TO HIGH PURSES. So I sincerely doubt *any* law against dog fighting even federal levels will not curtail dog fighting. The only alternative left is humanely institute breed specific legislation – because dogs are harder to hide from the public than illicit substances (they are large and bark) – Miami Dade has such a pit bull ban – but people who already own pit bulls keep them – they are just sterilized and kept in their yard; registered with their county. Dog fighting is pretty rare over at Miami DADE (and yes it’s very rare there). Thugs and gangs use pit bulls for dog fighting, guard crack houses, etc. and attack police. Did you know, in addition to cocaine fed to pit bulls-they are also fed CRUSHED GLASS – the agony is so bad they become even more vicious. This in fact is a very “standard practice” of dog fighters and is an underground secret. They don’t care-they have plenty of dogs in supply as they BREED THEM like chickens, and they will kill them like chickens. The losers end up being burned alive or electrocuted, or hung by the neck. Or, they are released to the streets where they attack children and can even kill them

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