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12 thoughts on “Powertools: Weed Whacker Used to Stop Pit Bull Attacking Dog

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  1. As Lockwood documented in his study, pit bulls are 14 times more likely to break containment and attack compared to other breeds.

    Of course the Pit Bull community knows this yet refuses to breed safer dogs.

    The circular saw attachment on a weed whacker seems to be more effective than a breakstick.


  2. The circular saw attachment on a weed whacker seems to be more effective than a breakstick.

    AND safer for the user:)

    Good thinking Joshua!

    And once again, thank you ZUPF!

  3. “The dog was cut up real bad and the medication was not working,” Emma May said. “He is very upset about it. My son loved his dog and they killed his dog.”

    Emma May, what a hillbilly. I wish I could magically trade your place with the mother of another pit bull owner, Carloetta Benton.

  4. Emma and Carleoetta need to start up a support group so that they can grieve the loss properly.
    Mothers of Idiot Sons with Pitbulls.

  5. Got news for you, idiot Ms. May. They love their dog, too, and they had every right to stop that mauler from killing it. But please, keep flapping your yap. It’s people like you that bring breed bans closer to the national level every single day.

  6. I believe two construction workers used drills to stop the pit bull that was attacking Angela Silva in her garage.


    These pit bulls are coming into our homes to kill.

    How much longer will we as a society put up with this?

  8. Did you see the ironic comment in the subsequent article?

    “Why did they have to kill that dog? They should have sent it to the new pit bull storage facility on Mango Tree Drive in Edgewater. They have many similar pit bulls living there that no one wants any longer. He would have been in good company.”

    Sounds like some No Kill crazies have infiltrated animal control and are spending tax dollars warehousing fighting dogs before handing them out to kill.

    Sounds like they extorted some money to build a new building for it too.

    Anyone from that area?

  9. “Okay — this is ironic. There is a Pit Bull Circular Saw on the market.”

    I heard they named that saw the Pit Bull because it is

    a) Difficult to control


    b) was voted most likely to take off fingers and hands.

    Great name for a bad saw! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. I heard of someone using a weed whacker on a chihuahua just recently. Boy, are they dangerous dogs

    Sorry folks, just had to say that before some pit nutter does.

  11. As a public service announcement, the ABDA, UKC, AKC and Cesar Millan and others should demonstrate, for all of the American dog owning public (whose dogs are regularly, severely mauled by the am staffs/apbts, how to use a breakstick! Everybody has a broom and the broomstick could be used to pry the death grip of the pit bull.

    Any volunteers?

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