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7 thoughts on “Police Shoot Pit Bull 8 Times After it Escapes Cage and Charges

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  1. A pit bull breeding factory in- home.

    Bet they haven’t paid a dime of taxes on their income.

  2. Wow…This Breeder/owner is making an azz of herself in the comments at the link. She definitely puts the “N” in Nutter!

  3. It is not uncommon for pit bulls to survive point blank gun shots to the head from police. I have personally met a 105 lb red-nose pit bull, see, with the scar to prove it.

    Clearly, pit bull breeders can sell their dogs for over $1,000 a piece, there are numerous examples on the web, see These organized 21st century criminals are not paying taxes on this income. Where is the IRS Criminal Division Unit when society needs them?

  4. They are talking about taxing health care benefits that people receive from their employers in the house and senate.

    Meanwhile multiply these breeders by all the puppy mill, AKC hobbyists making thousands of dollars per puppy, the dog fighter breeders, all of them.

    Check your local classifieds. The thousands and thousands of websites. Most of those puppies sold at Petland were undeclared income to the puppy mills that bred them back in ole Missouri or wherever they came from.

    Millions upon millions of unpaid taxes in plain view

    But because they fight against licensing (TOGETHER and in collusion) they are easily able to hide their income and cheat massively on their taxes

    One breeder busted not long ago was making millions a year, and had been for some time. NO TAXES PAID, NO INCOME DECLARED.

    That was one of very many.

    When they don’t need to get licenses like all other businesses do, the crime is easy to hide.

    And yet our legislators get manipulated by these tax cheated?

    Children are dying because our legislators would rather get pushed around by what is in essence organized crime in the lobbying format?

  5. Then there are all these “rescues” -a growing part of the business

    Many don’t even have the most basic charitable organization paperwork

    Even if they do, the abuses are huge

    To the point that con artists see the potential and exploit the “rescue” line

    There have been puppy mill breeders calling themselves “rescues” and yet running businesses and selling dogs.

    Dog fighters calling themselves rescues and running dog fighting/breeding operations.

    The pit bull thing has attracted real rip-off setups.

    There are countless PO box operated, no names attached “rescues” that cry elephant tears about pit bulls, and run to the press with hokey stories, and solicit money that goes toward providing an income and expenses for the shadow “staff” and “hiring” their friends

    Or they post on pet boards begging for money, telling sob stories, and the naive send it to them.

    Think about Don Chambers the Dog Guy. He got thousands and thousands out of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary for a fake pit bull rescue. And that was from a national oreganization that supposedly had checked him out (of course, they hadn’t. They just dumped pit bulls they didn’t want, but that is another story)

    We have charlatans sell themselves as “pit bull experts” and get money.

    It goes on and on and on.

    Meanwhile people die or suffer for life from attacks, pets get killed, dogs are abused, the numbers keep going up at the shelter for the taxpayer to deal with.


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