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5 thoughts on “Editorial: Pit Bull Owners 'Too Vacuous' to Consider Consequences

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  1. From the article: “Thanks so much, imbecile owners.”

    What could I possibly add? What other kind of pit bull owners are there?

    The “pathetic imbeciles” characterization is an axiom that just keeps on ticking, paying dividends, and forming the foundation for the house of cards pit bull owners live in.

    We can’t keep imbeciles from breeding, but we can definitely stop the effect of imbeciles in society… by regulating pit bulls!

  2. My favorite part:
    Don’t waste your time telling me that your pit bull is a wonderful animal. Good. Then you never have to worry about going to prison, do you? Lake County residents need the same protection, especially in this land of pit bulls whose oblivi-owners seem to be outwitted on a regular basis by vicious dogs that decide they want to roam the neighborhood in search of a little human blood.,0,4333579.column?page=2

  3. My brother owns a pit bull i know he has it well trained and he loves the animal but I question why take the risk. Aren't there enough other dogs in the world that we need not take one into our home that has a probability of turning on someone without warning. I know that to date he has not been viscous but there are countless reports of pit bulls that inexplicably attacked after no previous bad behavior.

    It is like juggling dynamite and saying, "Well so far it has not killed me."

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