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5 thoughts on “Oregon Senator, Bruce Starr, Wants to Ban 'New' Ownership of Pit Bulls

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  1. Let me tell a story here. A few years ago I wrote a senator in CA, where I lived. We had the Newcastle outbreak and I had pet birds. I did my research as a bird owner to keep my birds safe. What I found out was that cockfighting was the cause of the outbreak and cockfighting was only a misdeanor in CA. I asked my Senator, Nell Soto, to make cockfighting a felony. She did so and credits me as her inspiration. So the moral of this story is to get involved, you never know when you will be the motivation for something great. Write this Senator, I will.

  2. I can honstly tell you that there is no real “pet” market for pit bulls. If you were to track where all these pit bulls were coming from.. and its easy to look on Craigslist or free classified adds…you immediately notice that virtually all of the pit bulls being bred today are coming from high crime areas. I am shocked that no one has tracked this, as it offers irrefutable evidence that none of these dogs are responsibly bred, or bred as family pets. These dogs are weapons, status symbols, cheap burglar alarms, and a tax-free source of income for dog fighters/breeders.

    Wake up, public officials…criminals don’t vote. Start protecting your constituents, or you may find yourself voted out. For all the noise the pit bull lobby makes, when you get right down to it, pit bull owners tend to be criminals, or young, transient people.

  3. And pits are a dog of choice because they produce large litters, even a first timer. Why bother with a Doxi and one or two puppies when you can have 10-15 in one litter?

  4. There have been many fatalities over the past few years from dogs involved in these backyard breeding operations

    Tanner Monk
    Jennifer Lowe
    The man killed in Muncie
    Raymand Torco
    and many others.

    The responsible Pit Bull community seems to be AWOL on the subject. Other breed communities would be horrified….

  5. I am for the pit bull ban. I was attacked a few years back and the lady who owned the pit got away with not even a slap on the hand. I have had to use my hard earned money for councling sessions because I am so affraid to walk down the street in fear of seeing one. I have to sit in my car when I take my kids to the park while my boyfriend plays with the kids because I am so affraid I will be attacked again. If I see one I about pass out from fear. I want them out of Oregon and for people who say they are nice loving dogs..haha…Thats what they all say when there dog starts barking at me and trying to bit me. I think they should be ban for sure. And about 4 years back I knew a guy who owned one and it almost killed his toddler. His kid sat at OHSU for months all mangled by a dog they said was a good family dog. wtf?

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