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6 thoughts on “Coverage of Indianapolis Serious Pit Bull Attacks and Controversy

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  1. It will be tough on this one since Doug Rae has taken over. Obviously no one checked this guy out. He was involved in an affair while in Maryland, then went to PACCA and that shelter was close to being brought up on cruelty charges. I hope your readers will contact Heather Gillers at the Indy Star newspaper to express opinions about this. She has already caught some heat from the pitbull community with previous articles. What was Indy thinking to hire someone who left PACCA as the Chief Operating Officer in the shape it was left in, overcrowded, disease ridden, filty, missing euthanasia records, etc.? It is beyond words.

  2. The folks in Indy really need to push their city. Their animal control department has an average response rate of 23 hours. That’s just crazy. It’s almost surprising they haven’t had more issues. They really need to be able staff or operate an animal control department so it is at least somewhat functional. This can’t continue.

  3. Nathan Winograd, the no kill pusher with Best Friends connections, had a crony in Indianapolis that got Douglas Rae hired- a Warren Patitz.

    Patitz clearly witheld overwhelming negative information about Douglas Rae’s background and experience.

    Rae’s FAILED background.

    While Rae was running animal control in Phildelphia (PACCA) he and his Winograd cronies ran it into the ground. They even gave out city animals to a known hoarder who abused them until another group rescued them.

    The PACCA animal control shelter in Philadelphia nearly got busted for cruelty (but they got fired first) They were handing out sick animals, letting animals die in cages, on and on.

    and Douglas Rae by his own admission was giving out dogs to the public that other people felt were too aggressive!!

    Indianapolis got skunked with this Douglas Rae hiring. This was improperly done by Warren Patitz on the citizen advisory council who used the city to hire someone connected to a private business (Nathan Winograd’s) that Warren Patitz himself is personally involved with (Patitz’s group Move To Act is sponsoring a Winograd convention)

    Nathan Winograd is involved with BREEDER groups now, including PIT BULL BREEDER groups like ADBA.

    Someone from ADBA is going to be at the same Winograd convention, as well as other breeder lobbyists.

    Breeders promote Winograd because Winograd will oppose animal control laws, and laws breeders don’t like (like bsl, breeder licensing, etc)

    Indianapolis clearly did not get full disclosure on Douglas Rae, his background, his issues with aggressive dogs, his connections to a private business.

    This is what happens with these “citizen advisory animal control” groups advising cities. These groups get taken over by cronies of private business, and people with extremist agendas.

    Indianapolis is not in a good situation now.

    There already are more stray dogs roaming the streets (no kill shelters fill up quickly so they stop taking in more animals) and when Rae gives out an aggressive pit bull that attacks someone, Indianapolis is going to be sued.

  4. They say the best way to “get rid of” a bad employee is to give them a good recommendation. Since PACCA still fails to own what they did, they gave Rae a good recommendation and that is what Indy saw. This has happened before where a shelter director was on administrative leave for “fooling” around with the females in his department and had a claim against him for cruelty plus misappropriation of donated monies to the shelter, yet the city gave him a good recommendation that landed him a cushy and better job in another city.

  5. Unfortunately, that happens in so many cases, not just with animal shelters but schools and churches as well. Those least able to defend themselves, children and animals, suffer the most. Schools even pass known sex offenders to other schools rather than get the police involved. I hope somebody blows the whistle on this rotten apple before he gets somebody in Indianapolis killed.

  6. The problem with IACC response time is not enough $$ (no city agency has enough to do their job adequately)AND that IACC management has no way to oversee the officers when they are in the field. Apparently the union representing those employees has vetoed having GPS monitors put in the vehicles. So no way of knowing where they are or if they're parked somewhere taking a nap.

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