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7 thoughts on “Woman Kicked in Face by Horse After Pit Bull Attacks

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  1. They need to treat the pit bull so that it can attack again, and at little to no cost to its owner.

    A responding deputy found the dog “hanging from the horse’s face.”

  2. This is a perfect example as to why some pit bull owners say that pit bulls can be herding dogs. Every one knows a good herding dog should be able to hang from the face of livestock.

    (Sarcasm: Off)

    It drives me crazy when people say, “Pit bulls don’t belong in the city,” as if they belong in the country?! Pit bulls don’t belong ANYWHERE. Dog fighting is illegal. There’s nothing a pit can do that another breed can’t do better, except kill and injure innocent people and other animals. (And if I were judging, they’d win the ‘Ugly Dog’ category, every time. There’s no getting around the fact that to most people, that’s one ugly dog.)

  3. “Me and my fiance have two dogs. One is a 3 year old male pit bull purebred, brindle. The other is a 3 year old famale pit bull/boxer mix, brown and black.
    The male might be humanely put down due to attacking a horse on Saturday. We love him to death but can’t take any chances.
    The female will hopefully be with us forever!”

    The female will probably be with them forever because she is NOT a purebred pit bull! She doesn’t have quite the same desire to kill other animals.

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