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12 thoughts on “7-Year Old Jackson County Boy in Critical Condition After Mauling

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  1. Lemme guess…This dysfunctional dogyard operator had no liability insurance on her chained beasts…

    I’m becoming more and more infavor of constructing giant treadmills in prison. We can chain these dog perps to them 14 hours a day generating electricity to pay medical bills.

  2. Again, chained dogs

    Dogs that are too agreessive to be in the home or with people go on the chains

    Chains break, collar slips, and death or destruction ensue

    If a dog is too aggressive to be in the home, then the dog can’t stay. Chaining isn’t the answer.

  3. The Wikipedia entry is interesting:

    “Up until the introduction of Breed Specific Legislation, designed to target breeds alleged to be “more likely” to attack and largely aimed at criminalising the American Pit Bull-Terrier Shar Pei were regarded as a breed designed, bred and selected for dog-fighting, after the introduction of various BS legislation, many breeders started to deny the fighting ancestry and concocted fanciful tales of a hunting heritage. It is worth mentioning that the Chinese and Taiwanese still regard the Shar Pei as a dog-fighting breed, although the prohibitive cost of the breed has done much to discourage such abuse.”

  4. I rarely hear about shar pei attacking people, they were originally bred for fighting, but I think its been many years since aggression was a desirable trait in their breed. How often do you hear about fighting rings with shar pei in the U.S., I don’t think I ever have. Breeding for aggression in pit bulls has never ended, if it had 50 years ago, I think they might’ve had a chance.

  5. The sharps are fairly uncommon (low population) and the pure breds are expensive. People that want dangerous, guard or fighting dogs, will intentionally cross the sharp with a pit bull…

    Although it is equally a product of the West as it is of the East, the Shar Pei’s highly romanticized history and supposed ancient origin have been promoted and accepted for many years by its fanciers, but in reality the breed was developed from either the early Chow Chow or their common progenitor and other Asian Molossers as a fighting dog, a much different breed than it is today, both in appearance and personality. Originally a highly athletic and tenacious dog, with only a small amount of wrinkles, the Shar Pei was very similar to the Irish, English and American bull-n-terrier breeds in appearance, but the breed as we know it today has been established in the United Kingdom from dogs mainly imported from Hong Kong and further developed through matings with early Pugs, Bulldogs and a number of undisclosed European breeds until the desired appearance was achieved, followed by many generations of inbreeding in order to exaggerate its physical features and maintain the preferred type. The breed’s popularity in the United States has also played a part in the recognition of the so-called “meat-mouth” type as the breed ideal, but it should be noted that in modern China, as well as in Taiwan, Vietnam and other Asian countries still exists a population of Shar Peis that have remained much closer to their ancestral stock than their western/recognized counterpart, with some regional varieties looking like quite a bit like American Pit Bull Terriers, while others show stronger Chow roots, including types having thicker coats, minimal skin wrinkling, erect ears, healthier eyes and a greater variety of coat colourings. Even today, some Chinese enthusiasts separate the breed into the Traditional and the American types, with a small number of fans of the original Shar Pei even promoting a separate recognition for their type, but no such event has happened as of yet.

    Pit bull terriers have been in Hong Kong for a very long time. The Chinese were importing them to fight against and interbreed with their Shar Pei in the the 1960’s. The Japanese used them for interbreeding with Tosa.

  6. I am just thinking maybe this setup was an illegal breeding operation that was bringing in cash

    The way the woman asked if the kid would be afraid of dogs? That is a strange and innappropriate question.

    Were there financial advantges to having these dogs that this group doesn’t want to lose?

  7. The mother is clearly running for cover. She’s being investigated for neglect. The convicted animal abuse lady? I’m sure there was breeding going on at her home.

  8. Large aggressive dogs like these are used in the South by People in the drug trade. They feed them gun powder to mess up thier brains when they are pups. They poke and prod at the dogs while on chains to make the more agressive.
    You can tell by the way the story keeps changing that both these women have something to hide. The child deserves much better than this. I have friends! Like your Friends, Love you your friends, Live with them. I Don’t have a single friend who I would let thier dog use my child as a chew toy.

  9. I personally know this child because he was a student in my mother’s 1st grade class last year. First of all, if this case isn’t screaming CHILD NEGLECT then I don’t know what would be. Eight year olds don’t go outside to play in single-digit weather. Nor would any parent allow him to have gone out on that particular day, if a guardian had even been there to watch him. Doesn’t it strike you as odd that his LITTLE SISTER made the 9-1-1 call??? The dog was not a shar pai and pit mix. It was a mastiff and saint bernard mix. Saint Bernards aren’t supposed to be agressive, but back in 2002,this particular owner was banned from owning any animals for two years… so what does that tell you? Not only did the Mother ask her son if he was afraid of dogs, she incessantly explains to him what happened to him in detail. What kind of sick person does that? This child had better not go back to that family.

  10. Another news article states:

    Jackson County Sheriff Jimmy Ashe said the dog looked like a St. Bernard mix, while animal control officers said the dog appeared to be a Sharpei mix.

    Also stated in the article:

    7-year-old boy mauled Thursday by a 100-pound dog

    an 11-year-old girl reported the dog was dragging her brother by the neck and that “he was bleeding everywhere.”

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