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16 thoughts on “Stop Creating New Pit Bulls So That We Can Stop Killing Them

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  1. PETA gets savagely attacked by the pit bull lobby, and even some of their own members, because they support this common sense position. We need to support PETA so they will see they do get more than just a beating when they speak out on this. Also, HSUS gets attacked by these nuts because HSUS has made the most persuasive case for euthanizing seized fighting dogs. I’m sure they’d appreciate some support in the letters to editor section as well.

    I have a sneaking suspicion a lot of humane agents secretly feel the same way but are afraid of getting their heads bit off, and getting no support, if they do the right thing. We can change that paradigm for the better.

  2. This is why the breeder lobby hates Peta, because Peta actually is honest about the heart of the problem

    People making money breeding aggressive dogs, and the rest of us have to pay to clean up after them

    The breeder lobby wants us to believe their lies, and KEEP PAYING THEIR BILLS

    If anyone is interested, here is one of the lobbyists the dog fighters and other breeder interests are involved with

    You will see links to Center for Consumer Freedom on dog fighter websites, also AKC and all the rest

    He smears the groups that dare to speak the truth

  3. Center For Consumer Freedom also lobbies for Petland (they sell puppy mill puppies, most registered by AKC), puppy mill breeders, lab animal dealers (the kind that steal your pet and sell to vivisection), canned hunt people, and remember Nathan Winograd Mr No Kill connected to Best Friends?

    When his book came out, CCF was doing press releases for it and him! They still promote him

    And Winograd has directly used CCF propaganda and smear, against Peta and other groups

    You will see CCF information on NAIA. the one run by the AKC board member

    The No Killers have gotten involved with this reprehensible lobbying group CCF, a group that supports animal abuse of the worst kind

    And the dog fighters use CCF propaganda all the time, and refer people to CCF (and NAIA, and lately Nathan Winograd!)

    More on CCF

  4. I also want to point out something heinous about sfgate, the San Francisco Chronicle

    The Chronicle has an AKC breeder and lobbyist who writes a Pets column for them, and DOES NOT REVEAL SHE IS A BREEDER LOBBYIST AND A BREEEDER

    It’s all hidden

    Christie Keith is her name

    She uses the Chronicle to publish breeder propaganda straight from the breeder lobbyists, whether it is opposing bsl, or spay neuter laws, or whatever

    Literally fabrication and falsehood concocted by business lobbyists for the financial advantage of a for-profit industry

    and San Francisco Chronicle is allowing a shill for that for-profit industry to abuse their newspaper and falsely claim to be a “journalist” and hide all this in a column

    She even works for a breeder industry corporation, PetHobbyist.

    It is an absolute disgrace to the world of journalism, a real ethics lapse

    Would the Chronicle hire a tobacco industry lobbyist to write a health column? This is the equivalent thereof

    Christie Keith is friends with Gina Spadafori, who used to work at the Sacramento Bee, but now works for Dog Writers Association of America and Pet Connection, two breeder industry front groups that pretend to be “information sources.”

    Gina and Christie promote each other, cover for each other, lobby together, attack people together who expose their falsehoods

    A cohort is Kim Campbell Thornton, who works with Spadafori and has written some propaganda junk for msnbc and outright lied about spaying and neutering, among other things.

    Quite bluntly, these individuals have used the cover of the media to engage in for-profit industry lobbying, and the media sources mentioned were too stupid to figure out they were and are being duped

  5. To above poster….have you contacted the editorial staff at SFgate? Have you attempted to send a letter to the editor? This is powerful stuff, and clearly a violation of ethics.

    Its become virtually impossible for the public to hear the truth regarding dangerous dog breeds because the non-dog savvy media is constantly bamboozled by these “experts” who also happen to make money breeding dogs, or lobbying for the breeders.

  6. California dog group bites back at Bob Barker
    By Christie Keith

    It’s Just That They LIE ABOUT IT
    By Christie Keith
    So let me be crystal clear. Like everything else, be it diet or vaccinations or drugs or herbs, there are risks and benefits to altering dogs and cats. I think we need to make informed decisions on all aspects of how to care for our animals, and you can’t make an informed decision when you’re being lied to. Lied to over and over and over, explicitly. Not metaphorically, not by omission, but actually told big fat lies.

    Gross. Really gross.

  7. Christie Keith’s editor, a woman last name Moon, has flat out denied that Keith is a breeder on comments on a Keith article, then Christie Keith on her personal web page published a long piece about the fact that she is a breeder and connected to the AKC and proud of it!

    Moon lied, pure and simple

    This all came up on one of Keith’s articles where some posters diasgreed quite civilly with her propaganda, then Christie and her friend Gina Spadafori attacked Chronicle commenters directly in the comments section of Keith’s article

    It was remarked by several Chronicle readers that this behavior was bizarre and unlike anything they had seen from someone claiming they were a “journalist”

    Moon steeped in and defended Keith, and quite blatantly lied to readers to cover for Keith’s breeder lobby ties

    However, this Moon has had ethics breaches in other instances, and was suspended for a period of time for misbehavior at the Chronicle

    So there are entities at the Chronicle that are protecting Keith, and since a lowly Pets column is not perceived as significant by the publisher, it has passed unnoticed for now

    Gina Spadafori helped get Keith her job at the Chronicle. This is the problem. These pretend “journalists” are friends and support each others unethical behavior

  8. When the Center For Consumer Freedom (CCF)(the puppy mill etc lobbyists that lobby for the industry that keeps AKC in the money) and NAIA (run by the AKC board member on their puppy mill committee) decided they would support Nathan Winograd (because Nathan Winograd agreed to oppose things like puppy mill regulations, breeder licensing, and laws breeders don’t like)

    then this little cabal of breeder-journalists started with the yellow journalism

    When the breeder lobby higher-ups made the decision to promote Winograd, the propaganda worker bees like Christie Keith went to work advertising and using their newspapers to do free public relations to sell Winograd

    Fawning, deceptive pieces about Winograd that spread his misinformation and propaganda, falsehood about his past and successes, fake statistics, the usual deception.

    Gina Spadafori at least now works for a private breeder front group instead of the Sacramento Bee (though she has a friend at the Bee that will write breeder propaganda at times)

    But Christie Keith abused the Chronicle to publish breeder lobbying promotion for Winograd, trying to garner Winograd consulting contracts and sell his book

    The other breeder-journalists shills did the same at the same time

    For example, Denise Flaim, who works for Newsday writing a Pets column, but also works for the AKC, an AKC “historian”

    Blatantly abusing the media they work for to write advertising copy and call it a column

  9. Bonney Brown is an associate of Nathan Winograd who also worked at Best Friends.

    Winograd did his No Kill consulting at Nevada Humane Society NHS, got people fired, and replaced them with Best Friends associates like Bonney Brown

    This is the modus operandi. Come in, do a smear consultation, take over, turn these shelters into warehouses, and oppose animal welfare legislation, bsl, etc. for the breeders

    NHS has had many problems with this No Kill that staff keep hidden (like overcrowding, disease, giving animals to hoarders) using the fact that it is a private shelter to keep issues hidden from view

    The typical Winograd No Kill problems

    More on NHS problems here in the comments

    The link here is Winograd. Once Winograd sold out to the breeders, and offered to support their fantasies (like no regulation, no bsl, no mandatory spay neuter, overpopulation is a myth) then the breeders decided to support Winograd and get him and his people into animal control and shelters to take over and protect breeders at the same time

    They are trying in King County Washington, where Winograd did a No Kill consultation, smeared animal control, and now is trying to get his Best Friends cronies in to take over animal control as well as wipe out County Animal control laws that breeders don't like and read the comments on

    A breeder who is the CEO of Seattle Humane Society, Brenda Barnette, has been helping to make this happen with some others

    Brenda Barnette's breed club gives money to NAIA and Petpac to lobby for them

    Winograd is actually working directly with this breeder lobbying group making appearances at dog shows with the AKC breed club people and telling them no laws are needed for dogs!

    What publications like the Chronicle and Newsday are doing is inexcusable by letting these breeder lobbyists use their publications as lobbying & propaganda platforms.

    Again, it is like letting a tobacco industry lobbyist write a column on public health.

    These breeders are all interconnected, they all lobby together, they are all on the same lobbying forums, they belong to the same lobbying groups

  10. Here is Brenda Barnette using her position as CEO of Seattle Humane Society to propagandize against bsl breed specific legislation on behalf of pit bull breeders and the breeder lobbies she is involved with

    Brenda Barnette also wrote a letter to the editor of that paper that was published after Oprah broke the story on puppy mills. Barnette DEFENDED BREEDERS. Can you imagine a CEO of an animal shelter using her position and the shelter’s name to issue propaganda for breeders? She did (and of course never mentioned that her AKC makes its big money from puppy mill registrations)

    Brenda Barnette breeds poodles, and her daughter (who lives with her) breeds Portuguese Water Dogs

    I cannot understand what is going on with the board of the Seattle Humane Society (please note they have no connection to HSUS, separate)

    Barnette is another breeder/Winograd hyper, trying to get Winograd people to take over King County Animal Control.

  11. The No Kill Advocacy Center that Christie Keith is hyping is a business of Nathan Winograd

  12. A really disgusting thing is the whole “peta kills animals” propaganda campaign that was devised by Rick Berman and Center For Consumer Freedom on behalf of his breeder and puppy mill clients

    They own and run that smear website

    In Virginia, Peta offers services to those that the No Kill shelters turn away- the sick pets where owners can’t afford to euthanize at vets, the aggressive animals that can’t be placed and need to be euuthanized, animals hit by cars etc

    The No Kill fanatics in Virginia turn these animals away and let them suffer. At least Peta offers humane euthanasia for them

    They also have offered it in parts of the rural South where they were shooting or gassing animals

    That is the basis for the breeder smear campaign of “peta kills animals”

    You hear all the dog fighters, the pit bull people, spreading this around from their friend Rick Berman and CCF. Also Nathan Winograd No Kill spreads this smear from his breeder friends unrelentingly, and Best Friends (they should talk!) has too

    All from this CCF and Rick Berman.

  13. The US Petcare industry is a $40 Billion a year juggernaut that does not want to be regulated nor have civil product liability.

    Somewhere, an individual is getting rich selling Euthasol….

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