Editorial: It's Time to Get Serious About Bull-Type Dogs by WALB News

News Team RespondsAlbany, GA - Last August, after 5-year old Larry Pullen was seriously injured by a neighbor's pit bull, WALB television wrote an editorial about the need to regulate pit bulls. Since the fatal attack of Cheyenne Peppers -- which has devastated this community again -- WALB has written another editorial. Currently, Thomas County Sheriff Carlton Powell is hoping to create a pit bull ordinance. DogsBite.org hopes that Thomas County Commissioners listen to… [Read full blog post]

Lancaster Passes Mandatory Pit Bull and Rottweiler Sterilization Law

Anti-Gang and Dangerous Dog Law Lancaster, CA - The City of Lancaster unanimously passed a mandatory sterilization law for pit bulls and rottweilers. The new ordinance is also designed to discourage gangs (and owners of dangerous dogs) by imposing strong penalties on the owners of dogs deemed "potentially dangerous" or "vicious." Under the new law, dogs that act aggressively unprovoked may be considered "potentially dangerous" and required to meet the following condi… [Read full blog post]

Associated Press Comments on the Many U.S. Cities Proposing Pit Bull Laws

The Pit Bull Problem is National Washington - A recent Associated Press article states that 86 different U.S. cities introduced pit bull laws in the 2007-08 legislative season. The very fact that the Associated Press wrote the article recognizes that the pit bull problem -- and the constant occurrence of pit bull attacks -- is a national problem that cities across the U.S. are struggling to defeat. The article also points out that the state of Ohio is the only state that has sta… [Read full blog post]

Zupf: Pit Bulls Stay with Owners After Killing Family's Cat and Dog

Pit Bulls Kill Cat and Labrador Jacksonville, FL - Last week in Jacksonville, a pair of pit bulls killed a family's dog and cat. Kelly McIntosh, her husband, and her son have lived in their Southside home for a long time. They've had the same neighbors (the pit bull owners) for a long time as well. She says her cat of 15 years, and Koko, a five-month old chocolate lab, was attacked by her neighbor's dogs. The attack left both of her pets dead. She says those dogs have long been a concern… [Read full blog post]

South Africa Struggles with More Violent Pit Bull Attacks

South Africa - Like the U.S. and many other countries, South Africa continues to have serious and fatal pit bull attacks. The pit bull problem has become a looming social issue along with dogfighting and the intrinsic violence tied to it. Last month, The Herald Online wrote a follow up article about a grizzly attack that occurred in October. Irwin Gesels, a 34-year old farm worker in the town of Hankey, was attacked by two Staffordshire terriers and a mongrel. The dogs chewed of… [Read full blog post]

Best Friends Steps into the Ed Faron Dogfighting Bust to 'Save' Unstable Dogs

Flooding County Inboxes UPDATE 01/22/09: Prior to the release of the Journal Now news article, Best Friends created a web page encouraging readers to contact the Wilkes County Board of Commissioners, County Attorney Tony Triplett and District Attorney Tom Horner and ask them to accept Best Friends' offer of assessing and rehabilitating Faron's dogs so that they can be adopted into homes. This has surely caused a deluge of non-constituent, pro-pit bull emails sent to Wilk… [Read full blog post]

2009 Dog Bite Fatality: Brianna Shanor, 8-Years Old, Killed by Chained Dog in Hanover

Charges Unlikely in Fatal Attack UPDATE 01/21/09: In a disturbing update, police say that they don't expect to charge the owner of the chained dog that killed 8-year old Brianna. It is well documented that the combination of a chained and powerful breed of dog, such as a rottweiler, is a deadly combination to children. Furthermore, the girl had only been living in the household for a few weeks. There were no witnesses to the fatal attack, so it is unknown if the dog -- now being des… [Read full blog post]

2009 Dog Bite Fatality: Olivia Rozek, 3-Weeks Old, Killed by Family Husky

Olivia Rozek, 3-weeks old, was pulled from her bed and killed by a rescued husky. Officials Probe Death archived UPDATE 01/21/09: Police officials continue to investigate the death of a 3-week old baby girl. Bourbonnais Police Chief Joe Beard first described the incident as a mauling. The dog dragged Olivia Rozek, who was a twin born the day after Christmas, by her head through a hallway. The mother told police the twins were lying on the bed while she was in the kitchen cooking… [Read full blog post]