Editorial: It's Time to Get Serious About Bull-Type Dogs by WALB News

News Team RespondsAlbany, GA - Last August, after 5-year old Larry Pullen was seriously injured by a neighbor's pit bull, WALB television wrote an editorial about the need to regulate pit bulls. Since the fatal attack of Cheyenne Peppers -- which has devastated this community again -- WALB has written another editorial. Currently, Thomas County Sheriff Carlton Powell is hoping to create a pit bull ordinance. DogsBite.org hopes that Thomas County Commissioners listen to… [Read full blog post]

Omaha Mayor to Honor Stefan Ray for Rescuing Child from Pit Bull Attack

Stefan Ray Day UPDATE 02/09/09: Mayor Mike Fahey declared Monday Stefan Ray Day, in tribute to the man who helped save a 15-month-old girl from a pit bull attack last summer. The attack left Charlotte Blevins with severe injuries and provided the major impetus for passing Omaha's strict dangerous dog ordinance. DogsBite.org applauds Mayor Fahey for recognizing Stefan Ray's lifesaving actions. The award ceremony fell on day in which Omaha was reeling from another violent… [Read full blog post]

Two Pit Bull Attacks Follow State Legislation to Ban Pit Bulls in Hawaii

Hawaii Enters Stage 1 of BSL Honolulu, HI - On the heels of statewide legislation introduced by Senator Colleen Hanabusa (SB 79) to ban pit bulls, two serious pit bull attacks occurred on the same day. Both attacks follow the pit bull attack on Honolulu Detective Gary Lahens earlier this month and an infant being killed by a family pit bull-mix back in October. In Tuesday's attacks, two separate incidents on the Island of Oahu sent two women to the hospital with serious injuries… [Read full blog post]

Lancaster Passes Mandatory Pit Bull and Rottweiler Sterilization Law

Anti-Gang and Dangerous Dog Law Lancaster, CA - The City of Lancaster unanimously passed a mandatory sterilization law for pit bulls and rottweilers. The new ordinance is also designed to discourage gangs (and owners of dangerous dogs) by imposing strong penalties on the owners of dogs deemed "potentially dangerous" or "vicious." Under the new law, dogs that act aggressively unprovoked may be considered "potentially dangerous" and required to meet the following condi… [Read full blog post]