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7 thoughts on “Dog Owners Nationwide Need to Clean Up Their Act

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  1. I love dogs, don’t have kids, but I don’t believe that dogs belong in these parks period.

    Parks are for people to enjoy, whether it is kids playing sports, or families having picnics.

    People are getting dogs that are too active for their residences, when they don’t have enough yard (or no yard at all) and instead of taking the dog to doggie daycare, are letting them take over the parks, beaches, lake areas, cemetaries, everything.

    In addition to feces, these dogs are jumping on people, fighting with each other, hurting wildlife. They take over.

    But these lazy dog people will fight like pit bulls over their “right” to take over the parks.

    People need to get dogs appropriate to their property and lifestyle and not use public areas as dog toilets and playgrounds.

  2. Over 500 piles of poop! A “downtown” park is likely NOT VERY BIG! The pit owners say that “more education” is the solution. Taxpayers have already DONE SO. U.S. parks have thousands of signs posted that say: MUST LEASH PET, MUST PICK UP POOP. Dog owners consistently ignore these signs. Exactly what type of “education” works?

  3. The reason that the pit owners say “education is the answer” is they got that from the breeders

    The breeders don’t want any kind of laws or rules that might affect their incomes, so they falsely claim that “laws don’t work, there needs to be education” because they know dang well that laws DO work, but education is just empty talk that won’t make them clean up their breeding act.

  4. That’s the huge problem with urban pit bulls…shelters readily adopt out high energy pit bulls to young people living in apartments, with no way to excersize their dog. So they bring their pit bull to the local dog park, where it inevitably attacks another dog. Or, they bring it to local playgrounds or parks meant for human recreation, and let the dog off leash.

    Since most young people today want instant gratification, and don’t like being told “no”, the problem will continue. Common sense has gone oput the window, as humane organizations try to convince people to adopt dogs that don’t fit their lifestyles. I remember when I was growing up, the conventional wisdom was, if you wanted a big, active dog, you needed a large, fenced in yard. It was considered “cruel”, to have a big dog in the city. How times have changed.

  5. True.

    Breeders are also selling large, active dogs to inappropriate situations to make the money.

    You can see the many comments online about these people buying their pit bulls from online breeder web sites.

    And some of these breeders are right in the cities and urban areas.

  6. Not sure if my comment went through. Anyway,

    I agree.

    But lots of breeders are also selling large, active dogs to inappropriate situations.

    You can see comments all over the web from people in cities and urban areas talking about the pit bull they bought from an online breeder web site, or from a local breeder or classifieds.

    I would guess that there are more pit bulls obtained from breeders than from shelters, in part because of some screening by shelters they want to avoid, also because many of these people want unaltered, aggressive animals that they then want to breed themselves!

    Shelters tend to alter before placement.

  7. Also these landlords have got to stop letting their tenants have these large, active dogs that are wreaking havoc in the communities.

    A pit bull in a building of tenants with no yard, or a communal yard, in a crowded neighborhood is a bad situation.

    And the landlord is going to pay the price and get sued.

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