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9 thoughts on “Bexar County Public Works Employees Attacked by 'Pig Hunting' Pit Bulls

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  1. Good old Bexar County, Texas. Home of at least 2 fatal attacks by pit bulls last year. Home of multiple violent “off-property” attacks by pit bulls this year and NONE charged under Lillian’s Law. One has to wonder who’s pulling who’s strings in this county.

  2. Since when in America do dogs get decide the fate of someones whose trespasing. To let animals with the inteligence of a two-year-old decide if someone should get their ass ripped up, then claim that its their constitutional right. This is pure stupidity. Trespassing in most places is a $50 fine not “mauled to death by a pack of dogs”. The people on our city council think it’s peoples constitutional right to behave this way. This wrong is just to great to be able to explain or understand. I’m not sure were this quote came from but it fits, “The mystery of insanity is to deep, to be illuminated by the light of reason.”
    Just so you know what town and what city council I’m talking about, my name is, David Monroe, Wabash, IN

  3. First of all, dogs don’t protect your home by leaving it and going out to look for trouble. Second, pit bulls are supposed to make lousy guard dogs as they as supposed to be people friendly, and responsible owners are supposed to put down human aggressive pits. Anyway who says “sorry, but…” is not really sorry and is still making excuses instead of learning a lesson.

  4. “He (the dog owner)said the county workers might have avoided the attack if they would have stood their ground instead of running away.”
    If nothing else works just blame the victim, sigh…
    The victims here were public workers just doing their job and the dogs climbed a 6 foot fence to attack them. Does Mr. Staudinger (the dog owner) think he can wash his hands of the responsibilities by passively handing the dogs over to Animal Control and “giving up on aggressive dogs”?

  5. San Antonio hosts all kinds of Dog industry conferences…Wonder if trying to attract all the “Dog Industry” superstars wining and dining on tax exempt money affects there judgement on enforcing the law?

  6. Once again, just like the Lockwood study pointed out:


    It always cracks me up when the nutters claim that these dogs are extremely territorial. If anything they are extra-territorial…an anomaly in the canine world.

  7. You are correct, the dogs did climb over their owner’s fence and attacked one of the workers that was in the ditch, tore his clothes off, bit him in several places on his body and one of them had him by the jugular vein in the neck. My Son-in-law, one of the other workers was outside of the ditch but could hear the screams of the worker that the dogs were chewing on and went into the ditch to get the dogs to stop. The dogs turned loose of the first worker and lunged at my Son-in-law who used a Judo chop to ward them off but to no avail. They started biting and jumping on him so he pulled a small pocket knife from his pocket and started slashing at the eyes of the dogs as they would jump on him. One of the dogs grabbed him by his left arm and broke some bones in it when he bit down on it. He cut the other dog deep enough that he was not quite as aggressive and the owner and a neighbor came out and started shooting at the dogs and my son-in-law stated they almost hit him with the shots. The owner got the dogs back under control and held them until animal control came and took them away. The question that I must ask is why was this guy allowed to maintain two viscous dogs of this nature when there is an elementary school very near his home where school kids walk by every day. What if these dags had climbed the fence and attacked some of the small kids and what if they had gotten into the school and started attacking school kids? This incident also happened on Halloween. What if the dogs had climbed out and started attacking some of the Trick or Treaters? These 2 guys would have been killed had my Son-In-law not had a small pocket knife, been very brave and had some training in Judo. They both had to be taken to University Hospital for treatment. I recommend that he receive a award for bravery and that this incident receive more publicity that it has both on TV and in the newspaper.

  8. I am so sorry that your son in law had to endure this.

    The reason that authorities are not restricting pit bulls and regulating their care is because dogfighting and dog breeding groups (and some No Kill fanatics) lie to authorities and use propaganda to convince them pit bulls don’t have problems.

    Everyone knows there are problems with these breeds, but dog fighters and breeders make a lot of money and don’t want laws to change that!

    Too many authorities have gotten duped by dog breeders.

    That is why innocent people and pets are still getting hurt and killed.

    Please speak up to your legislators and I hope your son in law will sue this pit bull owner.

  9. As for Bexar County, have dog fighters or dog breeders infiltrated local authorities or courts?

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