Part I: Doretta Zinke, 39, Killed by 9 Pit Bulls (1945)

Dade County, FL - In what may be one of the earliest recorded cases of an adult fatally attacked by dogs in the U.S., Doretta Zinke was brutally killed by a pack of pit bulls May 16, 1945. Headlines of the grisly attack covered hundreds of newspapers. Florida authorities were horrified by the attack. They acted fast by arresting the owner of the dogs, Joe Munn, and killing the dogs. These events occur 10 days after Germany surrenders unconditionally in World War II. Death due to a v… [Read full blog post]

2008 Dog Bite Fatality: 2-Year Old Boy Killed in Clark County, Nevada

Alexander Adams, 2-years old, was killed by his family's pit bull-mix. Case Concludes UPDATE 12/03/08: Police spokesman Bill Cassell could offer no theory as to why the family pit bull killed Alexander Adams. The boy's grandmother was walking with the dog's food bowl into a room where the dog was normally fed. The toddler followed and was attacked, he said. "While it's possible that the presence of food, combined with the young victim in the area where the dog was normally fed… [Read full blog post]

11/21-25/08 Pit Bulls Shot by Police

#370: Claremont Officer Shoots Pit Bull After Chase 11/25/08 | Claremont, MN Summary: A Claremont man faces criminal charges after allegedly leading police on a high-speed chase that included going through the Saint Marys Hospital emergency entrance. The chase ended in rural Rochester with an officer shooting an attacking pit bull. Adam Joseph Saxton, 26, is charged with felony fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle and misdemeanor driving after revocation. After t… [Read full blog post]

Couple Takes Out Second Mortgage to Adopt Biting Pit Bull-Mix

Renamed, Rehomed UPDATE 06/26/09: It was reported on April 29 that the woman found with Smiley, Karen Moore, would not be prosecuted. Island County Prosecutor Greg Banks wrote, "The injuries caused by the Smiley saga are healing. I have concluded no good can come of reopening those wounds." On June 26, it was reported that the dog was sent out of the county to receive "training," was renamed to "Kyley," and was adopted to a woman in an undisclosed city. 04/02/09: Smiley Has Been… [Read full blog post]

Aurora, Colorado Fighting Breed Ban Goes to District Court

Fighting Breed Ban UpheldUPDATE 11/20/08: Chief U.S. District Judge Wiley Y. Daniel has ruled in favor of the City of Aurora. Once again, the American Canine Foundation loses, making their "track record" undeniably horrific. The United States Supreme Court has also spoken on breed-specific law. The court rejected all grounds that a dog lobbying group brought forth: Procedural due process, Substantive due process, Equal protection of the laws and Void for vagueness. Lo… [Read full blog post]

11/12-19/08 Pit Bulls Shot by Police

#364: Elkhart Officer Fatally Shoots Pit Bull 11/19/08 | Elkhart, IN Summary: An Elkhart police officer fatally shot a pit bull last week after it began charging him. Officer Daniel Milanese was called to the scene after receiving reports the brown pit bull was attacking another dog. A witness said the pit bull had the other dog by the throat shaking it back and forth before police arrived. Milanese fired three rounds at the dog. The pit bull spun around and continued charging,… [Read full blog post]