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9 thoughts on “Two Children Attacked by Family Pit Bulls in Spokane

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  1. Based on the number of attacks and the attitudes of officials, the question needs to be asked: are they adopting out known fighting dogs to the public?

  2. SCRAPS tried feverishly to adopt out the “Great Eight,” seized from a dogfighting operation. So presumably, yes, they are adopting out these dogs to the public.

  3. Animal Control and the animal shelter are opposing spaying and neutering of pit bulls? Despite the fact that they have to euthanize countless numbers of them every year?

    It is pretty clear that SCRAPS and Spokanimal represent DOG FIGHTERS and DOG BREEDERS interests.

    This is a problem. Some breeders have infiltrated animal control departments and shelters to protect the financial interests of the breeding industry.

    These two organizations need a good cleaning, because otherwise soon there will be deaths that they are responsible for.

  4. One of the problems in Washington is the presense of no kill fanatics.

    These people, in the name of no kill, have actually sent pit bulls to be tortured and killed in the name of not euthanizing them. While they act as pit bull apologists and oppose bsl.

    Here is just one instance where a no kill “saved” pit bulls and then shipped pit bulls off to a “sanctuary.” With the horrible consequences.

    and pictures of what they did

    I did a search on the person in that komo news article who shipped the dogs to the horder and she is no longer with that organization, but now is involved with other no kill fanatics in King County trying to force the county to privatize animal control and spend tax dollars being a pit bull apologist and placement agency.

    They also oppose laws like dog limit laws and breeder licensing (the dog fighters must love that!)

    It’s incredible. The No kill movement bleats against breed specific legislation, then they either place aggressive pit bulls or ship them off to die at some hoarders.

    Of course, some of the no kill fanatics are involved with breeders.

    But these no kill people are not only the enemies of public safety. They are the enemies of the pit bulls themselves! and seem to be doing everything they can to enable the dog fighters and breeders to expand.

    SCRAPS and Spokanimal sure seem to be infected with the no kill disease.

  5. And some of those no kill fanatics trying to turn King County animal control into a pit bull apologist department have ties to surprise! Best Friends

    The ones who took aggressive Vick pit bulls and all that loot. And are using the Vick pit bulls to shamelessly fund raise.

    While they refuse to take pit bulls from their own state

    Much as the dog fighters make money from pit bulls, there is money to be made in the pit bull apology business.

  6. It only shows me that Pit bull owners Do NOT love dogs.
    They just want a four-legged ego boost.

    I’ve seen many pits living in bad conditions, very junkyard.

    If you are stupid enough to want to own a pit bull, you are too stupid to own one.

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