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8 thoughts on “Man Bitten Over 50 Times by Attacking Pit Bull in Gastonia

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  1. “He said his heart goes out to Quinn, but he said he will have his dog fixed, erect fences and do anything he needs to do to bring Zeus home again.”

    This individual needs to have his head examined and never to be allowed to own a dog again.

  2. I’ve asked Webster’s Dictionary to define a cliché as: “A moron, idiot, or imbecile paired up with a pit bull through ownership.” I think this will help people grasp the meaning of ‘cliché’ very quickly.

  3. Yikes! His dog attacks twice that he knows about, and he still wants to keep the beast? Maybe he’ll have Zeus put down when it attacks his niece… oh, nevermind. Uncle’s always seem to take the dog’s side, don’t they? Madness! Even the presidential race doesn’t work me up as much as all this pit-bull madness!

    And the look that Quinn described in the dogs eye… I’ve seen that look when a pit-bull tried to rip my face off. It is a look straight from the evil depths of hell. And how Quinn describe how the dog kept trying to get at his neck — those dogs know how to kill, for sure, whether or not the owner ever trained them to fight or beat them or chained them or starved them or neglected them — those dogs love it when they get to go for the kill, instinctively.

  4. Let’s hope Zeus’ idiot owner has a starring role in the NEXT nightmare!

    Is it just me, or does N.C sound like a third world country?

  5. The Dogmen’s Code must be followed…Purple Needle NOW!!!

    This just goes to show that fighting breed fanciers have different expectations from the dog owning experience than the rest of us.

  6. Sweet Zeus probably commands a $2500 stud fee after this human agressive beserking incident. The drug dealers are getting human agressive Pits from somewhere…

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