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12 thoughts on “Justin Kowalczyk: Attacked by His Cousin's Pit Bull

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  1. You are SO brave Justin! Your story will reach and affect many people. The ripple effect will be substantial with true longevity. You are in my thoughts Justin.

  2. Justin, you are still very handsome. I am so sorry this happened to you, and your cousin’s behavior is cowardly. God Bless you, and I will remember you in my prayers.

  3. Sorry your relatives are such lowlifes. What a pity you had to experience this. Too bad your idiot cousin's face wasn't on the receiving of that pit!
    btw, I think that your face has healed very well. And I agree with the commenters above, you are still a good looking guy. I hope you can get the counseling that you need to help in your recovery.

    In the meantime, you mind find some enjoyment from this story. I love reading about pits attacking their owners!

  4. I agree with the other posters.

    Justin, you are a good looking guy!!

    I know that you can get past this, and I believe your story will help change things so that others do not have to go through this.

  5. You also sound like a smart guy too, Justin

    Maybe you might think about going to school so you can become an attorney or journalist, and help knock some sense into the heads of idiots who care about dogs more than people!

    (and I love dogs, but this has gotten crazy!)

  6. Justin, Once again you’re great looking. I admire your courage even though there are days you don’t feel courageous. This is true of everyone who has undergone this trauma. I know I’m one of them—. You will go on and live a whole life–the process takes some time. I know you’ll help others–you already have. You have many people pulling for you and want to support you!

  7. When statistics are tabulated this will be recorded as one pit bull bite. That fabled chihuahua bites and you just wash it with soap and water and slap on a bandaid. Also one statistical bite. Hardly compares does it?

  8. Women will like your scars far more than they will like tattoos…scars show life experience and depth of character. Tattoos are only skin deep and wash and blur over time.

  9. Hey Justin,
    It really doesn’t matter to you if the rest of the world thinks that you are better looking after the attack. The reality is, your idiot cousin and his nasty dog robbed you of your face. It was YOUR face and they took that from you. It is so unfortunate that your cousin does not have to somehow “pay” something for what was done to you. I hope that you can get some counseling so you can start to heal psychologically. It is probably not to late to file a civil lawsuit.

  10. Thanks for the kind words all. I did file a civil court case and it settled for $40,000 due to my cousin’s friends/ our roomates lying and saying i was blowing in the dogs face. My Lawyer felt that could cause reasonable doubt with a jury so we settled. Feel free to message me on myspace or facebook. I update them both as much as possible although there wont be much to update on until I finish my online schooling so i can afford the rest of my surgeries.

  11. wow, your cousin and roomates/friends are totally awful!

    You look good still, your recovery was quite outstanding if you asked me. Still, I know how you feel about it, it’s your face and for them to lie like that, that’s just so wrong.

    My cousins dog bit me in the face too. I just have a scar, on the lips, but he didn’t say I was messing with the dog, and my aunt was there saddened. Wasn’t like they blame me for the dogs actions.
    Be strong man.

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