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5 thoughts on “2006 Fatality: Second Trial Begins for Pit Bull Owner in Kansas City

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  1. I just thought of a new motto after seeing one of the few successful piticide prosecutions:

    “Punish the Deed And Regulate the Breed”

    Without laws declaring pit bulls dangerous and banned, this perp probably walks using the “oops” defense.

  2. It will be interesting to see what kind of a sentence he gets. I still like the “give him a 3 inch knife and throw him in a pit of alligators” sentence idea.

  3. These stories are heartwrenching….these are preventable deaths! I consider the prevalence of elderly victims of pit bull attacks a form of elder abuse. These victims have no chance against these dogs.

    Where is the AARP on this issue? Who is speaking out for this poor lady, and her grieving family? What kind of society do we live in when pit bull dogs have more advocates than the helpless grandmothers who are mauled to death by them? It seems that the life of a dog is worth far more to the pro-pit lobby than the life of an innocent victim.

  4. Follow the money…

    There’s even big money being made off euthanizing 750,000 Pit Bulls per year.

  5. The mother of Lee says ” it’s the county’s fault for not making her son obey the law”, sounds about right.

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