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9 thoughts on “Each Humane Society is a Separate and Distinct Organization

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  1. The inmates are running the asylum. Kennel Blindness is a real condition and the Animal Welfare “profession” refuses to deal with it.

  2. I no longer donate to my local shelter. Like most shelters, mine is usually half pit bull, so any donations would be mostly going towards those dogs. I feel more comfortable giving to local breed rescues of safe, family orientated breeds. If enough people stop donating to local shelters and tell them why they will no longer donate, I bet things will change.

  3. This is a great blog entry, and really clears up a common misunderstanding.

    I just want to say one thing for people to think about when they ask animal shelters or societies about BSL stances before donating.

    Many shelters and societies do wonderful things every day to save the overwhelming percentage of pets that are not pit bulls. They have a difficult job, often get no public funding, and many of them are terrified to admit that they do support BSL.

    If a shelter or group says that they support BSL in any way, they are stalked by the dog fighters, pit bull promoters, and members of organizations that are promoting pit bulls while claiming to be humane organizations.

    These pit bull people will threaten the shelter in an organized mob, even the individual employees, and smear them to try to stop donations.

    Some shelters and oreganizations have taken on a “no stance” status on BSL to fend off the stalkers and prevent attacks.

    I know that some people may not agree with that solution, but I just wanted people to be aware of the very scary situation a shelter can put themselves in.

    An organization like ASPCA or Best Friends who actually help the pit bull fighters and breeders with their pro-pit bull lobbying get no donation from me (and it is important to tell them why you won’t donate)

    But I just wanted to ask people to perhaps consider sympathy for the shelters and groups that are not pit bull promoting.

  4. And there are many, many people in animal welfare who do believe in BSL, especially because it protects the dogs and help stop the abuse and fighting.

    But they are terrified of getting stalked by people who are emotionally disturbed or actually criminals.

  5. A scary thing I have seen the ASPCA advocate is protecting pit bulls from being declared dangerous when they kill or attack other pets.

    Of course, when pits attack other dogs, people get in the way or get hurt. And attacking other dogs is how kid-killers get their start.

    But ASPCA is actually advocating cruelty to animals on behalf of pit bull mania.

    The dog fighters must love them.

  6. I share your frustration with the selection of dogs available for adoption at shelters. Living in the Seattlish area, you will find approximately HALF or MORE of adoptable dogs at any given time are pits and pit mixes or look like pix mixes but being called something else like lab mix or boxer mix. This is true of King Co, Seattle and PAWS animal shelters. About half of the dogs in Tacoma shelter are described as “lab mix” and oddly enough there is no accompanying photo. hmmmm….
    When I get around to adopting another dog in the not too distant future, I will be going to Everett Animal Shelter. YOU WILL NOT FIND A SINGLE PIT!!! And I will be letting them know why I drove the extra miles to adopt a dog from them.

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