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14 thoughts on “Best Friends Announces the Vicktory Dog Wine Collection

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  1. What makes me think that their friends the pit bull breeders (that cosigned with them on the amicus brief) are buying this kind of merchandise from Best Friends?

    That would not be a surprise at all.

    Best Friends makes the pit breeders lives easier every day by promoting pit bulls and opposing bsl that might actually slow down the breeding and stop the dog fighting.

  2. And Rebecca Huss, the Valparaiso law professor who arranged to have these dogs sent to Best Friends and pushed for the money they would get, made $100,000 out of this whole stunt

    What did this woman do exactly other than lobby for Best Friends and Bad Rap, and lobby to get them the animals and the money?

    This is so much the problem, university and college affiliates who cash in as dubious "experts"

    Who says there is no money to be made in "rescue" or affiliated activity?

  3. Where one of the BF Vick dogs went (I think they got one dog considered adoptable, or listed as that. Adoptable ones came with only $5,000)

    The rest are still at Best Friends, each living in isolation and with special staff hired to care for them, while they try to put a good face on this.

    The bad things get censored.

    Meanwhile they refuse to accept other pit bulls and other dogs from their own state that die. Some abandoned at their gates. They call animal control to pick them up and euthanize them, if they can get them before the pets disappear into the desert or picked off by a wild animal.

    Some sanctuary.

  4. Sorry, Best Friends still is doing the sponsorships for each Vick dogs

    Click on the dog’s name on the right here and they are selling specific sponsorships for each dog

    With some people signing up for monthly donations, do you realize how much they are making on each of these dogs?

    The Vicktory dogs are a cash cow industry.

  5. Huh? If Best Friends is a 501C3 organization, don’t they have to reveal this in their books? Does the public know how much cash these dogs bring in? Under the Freedom of Information Act, has anyone requested this info from Best Friends?

  6. I’m sure they group all their contributions together (one sum). I would not think the IRS would need to have the information separated out either. We need a non-profit person or IRS person to respond to your question.

    It would be interesting if someone sent the judge (Hudson) IRS tax filings from 2007 and soon 2008 so that he could at least see the difference between the years.

  7. Just once I’d like to see a Pit fundraiser donate money to a Pit Bull mauling victim saddled with six figure medical bills!

  8. I just found this!

    The gifts and products that Best Friends sells is a FOR-PROFIT business that benefits the FOUNDERS personally (in addition to their salaries)!

    So all this Vick dog merchandise may not even be benefitting Best Friends. It may be going directly into the pockets of the Best Friends founders!!

  9. More news

    Best Friends Chief Operating Officer Paul Berry was one of the key people involved in getting the Vick dogs

    Best Friends just fired him

    The Best Friends catering to pit bull breeders has definitely taken root in the 2 1/2 years that Berry has been at Best Friends, so maybe this will mean a smarter future for Best Friends

  10. And from Best Friends themselves about Paul Berry

    “Berry also was instrumental in the discussions and process that resulted in Best Friends saving the lives of the 22 pit bulls from the Michael Vick dog fighting case by bringing them to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, located in southwestern Utah. He also has championed Best Friends campaign to save the reputation of the American pit bull terrier, and helped the organization continue the transition from a unique, founder operated sanctuary to a national animal rescue organization.”

    So it does look like Paul Berry has been behind pushing Best Friends into the arms of the breeders and dog fighters

    Interesting that Best Friends is now basically admitting they are in the business of promoting pit bulls, which the dog fighters are certainly thrilled about

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